DIY WI Love Ornament



Here’s a fun holiday project to gift to your favorite Wisconsinite! This craft uses either an ink transfer technique or sharpie. You can use any material remnants on hand for a variety of looks.


  • Needle and thread
  • Red and white ticking material (for hearts)
  • White material scrap (Type depends on transfer technique; use thin material for the Sharpie method, canvas works well for the Orange Clean method)
  • Cotton balls
  • Twine
  • Spray adhesive (Such as Craftbond)
  • Acrylic paint and small paintbrush
  • Sharpie or Orange Clean


  1. Trace a heart pattern (about four inches each) twice onto the red ticking fabric. Then cut two hearts out of your fabric 

img_20161202_142112707       img_20161202_142251591

2. Print the Wisconsin state outline above. There are two ways to transfer outline of the state onto the thin white fabric. A) The sharpie method: Put the thin white fabric over the outline and trace with a thin sharpie. B) Orange Clean transfer method, which actually transfers the ink from the document onto the fabric. (And why the image above is backwards, it works better for this method).

img_20161202_140803390  img_20161202_140906589

3. Cut out the state image leaving a small border of fabric around it.

4. Using any color paint, fill in state outline and let dry.


6. Spread out cotton balls between hearts, and use spray adhesive to bind them together.


7. Then attach the piece of fabric with the state to the front of one of the hearts.

8. Stitch a small amount of twine to the back of the ornament to use as a hanger.


9. Stitch around the perimeter of the hearts to secure them together and add detail. Pull at the fibers of the fabric around the perimeter of the heart to create fringe.


Feel free to use your own creativity to tweak!

No matter what your holiday season holds, I hope it provides you moments of being in the present to enjoy it, like the part of the afternoon I enjoyed making this ornament. 


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