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Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for our whole family, and it all starts when I see bags of the Conversation Candy Hearts in stores. We spend weeks playing with (and eating) these treats. My daughters have come to love this time of year because of the festive play we engage in at home. Here are some of my favorite ideas!


Give the kids muffin tins and a small bowl of candy hearts. The little ones can sort them by color, but emerging readers can sort them by the written phrases!

Bar graph

Take the sorted hearts and arrange them in a bar graph form to see which color or phrase is the most prevalent. This can be done on a table top or glued to paper.


Make cards with numbers on the top and the same number of dots on the bottom. Give your preschooler a few number cards and a dish of hearts. Have them count as they lay a heart on the dots under the number to show the quantity of each number.

Place value

Older kids can use hearts to show place value. Give each color a value: greens are ones, pinks are tens, yellows are hundreds, etc. Line up hearts and guess each others’ numbers. For example, three yellows, five pinks, and eight greens would be 358.

Art projects

Hearts are a great craft enhancement! They can be glued to paper to make a mosaic design for older kids, but my little ones like to glue them along a pre-traced heart to make a “heart heart.” Really, the possibilities are limited only by your glue and construction paper supply.


A fellow teacher friend has her students write poems using the words and phrases from candy hearts. Take a handful of hearts and the only rule is that you have to use the phrase from at least one heart in each line of your poem. See what clever, silly, or lovely verses you can come up with!

What other candy heart activities can you and your kids think of? It’s as limitless as your love for your family. Happy Valentine’s Day!

family fun with conversation hearts


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