How to Take a Stay At Home Cruise


A very clever friend of mine came up with an amazing vacation idea for her family during their Safer at Home spring break. She took her family on a Stay at Home Cruise.

Over the course of the week, she took her family on a cruise all over the world. How exactly did she do that? Here are some of the How To’s of a Stay at Home Cruise:

  • Pick A City, Any City: When you’re taking a Stay at Home Cruise, you don’t need to worry about finding a port. Pick a few cities you and your family are interested in learning about.
  • Create an Itinerary: Consider dedicating the first day of your Stay at Home Cruise to preparation- allowing your family to research and pack for their trip. Decide how many days you want to cruise and narrow down how many cities you want to visit during your trip. Dedicate one day to each city.

  • Packing: Check the weather reports for the cities you will be visiting to know if you should be ready for sunshine and shorts or sweaters and scarves. Pack to dress the part.
  • Research & Preparation: What is there to do in the cities you will be visiting? There are so many options. For example, you could rent guidebooks from the library, find virtual tours of museums, zoos. etc., purchase groceries to prepare city-specific recipes, or select Milwaukee area restaurants that offer the type of food you’d find in your cruise city.
  • Enjoy!: While it takes a little bit of imagination and suspension of disbelief, truly act like you’ve woken up in a new Stay at Home Cruise city every morning. Listen to the local music. Learn the local language. Eat the food. Play, pretend, and enjoy.

With the world looking very different than it used to, it’s unlikely my family will be traveling very far in the foreseeable future. A Stay at Home Cruise is a great way to learn about new things and people. It’s also a fantastic way to explore how other countries/cultures have influenced our little corner of Wisconsin.

With a little creativity and research, you can create your own personal Epcot. Any city in the world is one sleep away when you’re on a Stay at Home Cruise.

Where would you travel on your Stay at Home Cruise?


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