FREE Routine + Activity Charts for Your Family


In uncertain times, schedules can make a huge impact in keeping some element of normalcy amidst the chaos. For many parents, having to work from home while also managing their kiddos and their school requirements is a whole new world we aren’t familiar with. For those with younger kids, something as simple as a clear routine can be a big help.

Routines and activity charts are a quick and easy way to get kids invested in the process and helps take much of the guesswork out of establishing a reliable sequence of events in these otherwise chaotic situations.

Thank you to Rochester Mom for creating these charts and allowing us to customize them for our Milwaukee community!

How to use these Free Routine + Activity Charts

  • Download the PDFs, print and laminate these pages to be able to check items off with a dry erase marker each day and reuse the next.
  • Use the blank checklist for days when you want to focus on something in particular, like deep cleaning the house or accomplishing a scavenger hunt of some sort.
  • Mix it up! For school age kids, they are likely used to having different activities on each day, so follow suit.
  • Give yourself grace. This is a wild time for everyone, so allow yourself to throw out the checklist and be flexible if your kids and your sanity require it.

Below you will find a picture image of an example chart.  And below that is a link to a FREE PDF Download!

Let us know how you use your chart!  Tag us on social media (@milwaukeemom) and we will reshare with our online community on Instagram!

Morning + Night Routine Chart

>>> Routine Chart: Morning + Night | FREE Printable <<<

Daily Schedule Chart

>>>Routine Chart: Daily Schedule | FREE Printable<<<

Blank Chart

>>>Routine Chart: Blank Chart | FREE Printable<<<



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