There’s Magic In The Sand


There’s magic in the sand, I swear there is…

It doesn’t really matter where the sand comes from or even where it’s located. What matters is that when my children see sand, they automatically want to start digging and building. They start imagining the tunnel systems they will create or the volcanoes they will sculpt. The possibilities and benefits seem endless!

And don’t get me started on when you add water to sand play. That’s the icing on the cake!

There seems to be nothing like the satisfaction that comes when a child dumps a bucket of water on to a giant mound of sand. The squishy, sticky mixture can be made into rivers and moats or ten thousand other cools things my adult mind can’t begin to envision.

My children started off with a sand table on our patio during the summer.

Then during the first few months of the pandemic, the sand table turned into an entire area under their swing set. My husband and I dug up the grass and down into the dirt a few inches, then we lined the hole with a perforated tarp and added bags of sand. Our sand pit has brought my children hours of entertainment!

When we are looking for a change of scene for our sand play, my husband and I head to one of the local parks and let our children dig for hours in the volleyball sand pits or at the beach. This generally provides much relief for my husband and me. We are able to sit back and drink our coffee or beer and watch our children run around collecting flowers for their sand garden and burying various things.

We also don’t let cold weather stop our sand play.

Instead, when the warm weather ends and their desire to play with sand does not, I have brought sand play inside via a self made sensory bin full of sand (placed on to a tarp for easier clean up).

As an adult, I’ve had to move past my aversion to mess in order to let my children fully embrace their sand desires.

Specifically, my children often desire to role around in sand until they’ve managed to get it into just about every crevice of their body (and all up in their scalp too). But, I know how important it is for kids to let lose and play, even when that means they will most certainly leave a little gritty trail of sand in the car, through the house, and down the shower drain.

It seems to be such a simple thing, but sand has so much potential. There are endless possibilities when it comes to what sand can be especially when a little childhood creativity is applied. I’m so grateful to watch my children revel in the simplicity and wonder of sand. Maybe one day they’ll even get to play in the sand by the ocean…

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Jaclynn knows a good thing when she sees it, that’s why she and her husband, Dave, decided to raise their son and daughter in Brookfield, the same Milwaukee suburb where they grew up. After earning her English degree from UW-Madison, Jaclynn attended Marquette University Law School and worked for several years at a small Milwaukee firm practicing estate planning and elder law. When her son was born a few year ago, she followed her heart and became a SAHM. She is now the mother of two, having welcomed a daughter last June. When she's not managing her family circus, you can find Jaclynn instructing or taking classes at the Barre Code. Jaclynn would be lost without dessert, family friendly breweries, books, comfy pants, and the moms who have helped her navigate the labyrinth that is ‘momming’.


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