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My husband’s family has had the tradition of Watercolor Wednesdays for as long as I can remember. The name says it all:: on Wednesdays, they paint with watercolors.

I’ve given it a go or two when time has permitted. It’s refreshing to sit quietly for a while and focus solely on putting colors on paper. I’ve even gotten my children to sit for a minute (or five) and paint as well. Their focus, however, seems primarily to be making their water change colors. Although my son HAS become more interested in how to make lines, what happens when he mixes colors, etc. (See, painting can be educational too!)

So, when faced with some time to fill, painting might be a great option.

Watercolors can be cheap- I’ve found them at the Dollar Store (and for the kids, this is just the right price). There are many options when it comes to paper. Many of them you likely have on hand! We’ve used printer paper, construction paper, and pages from a coloring book.

If you’re reluctant to give your children an open container with water, there are amazing brushes that you can fill with water. All your child needs to do then is squeeze the brush a little to make the water come out. Then, your only challenge is making sure they keep the paint on the paper.

If you’re looking for a more professional set up, check out the craft/paper stores. They usually have a wide selection of paints, brushes, and watercolor paper. Once you have your supplies of choice, check out Youtube for online tutorials to help you learn to paint or just wing it. No judgment or rules on Watercolor Wednesday!

Watercolor paintings can make great gifts, keepsakes, cards, etc. So turn on some chill music, get out the snacks and beverages, and let the artistic side of your family spill out and run wild! Happy watercolor painting!

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