Milwaukee Diaper Mission Aims to Make Hygiene Inclusive and Accessible for All


1 in 3 Milwaukee families struggle with diaper need. Some have to choose between buying diapers and food on a weekly basis. Some have reported rinsing and reusing dirty disposable diapers. No family should have to make these choices. The co-founders of Milwaukee Diaper Mission decided to launch Milwaukee’s first freestanding nonprofit diaper bank to meet these needs.

Introducing Milwaukee Diaper Mission

Milwaukee Diaper Mission, in collaboration with its partner agencies, empowers families in need by providing a reliable source of free diapers and period supplies. Though they do not distribute supplies directly from their warehouse, Milwaukee Diaper Mission partners with local social service agencies to distribute disposable and reusable diapering and period supplies to the families that they serve. With the support of our partners and sponsors, they are able to distribute these items at no cost to families.

The Vision

Milwaukee Diaper Mission has assembled a diverse board of strong, intelligent women to help us build this important resource for our city and looks forward to remaining a reliable and impactful organization, serving Milwaukee’s diverse and beautiful families for years to come.

  • We believe deeply that diversity and inclusion in our organization makes us better at our work and helps us build a stronger movement.
  • We believe that offering both a disposable and reusable option to families gives them dignity of choice – because reusable personal hygiene products should be accessible, affordable, and achievable for everyone.
  • We believe that ALL babies in Milwaukee deserve to be clean, happy, and healthy.

How You Can Help

Join Milwaukee Diaper Mission to end diaper need in our great city. They are seeking donations of: disposable diapers & wipes, cloth diapers & cloth wipes, disposable pads & tampons, cloth pads & menstrual cups. Monetary donations can be made via their website.

During National Diaper Need Awareness Week, Milwaukee Diaper Mission will be launching a diaper and period supply drive on September 21st at 1pm at the parking lot of Turner Hall: 1034 N 4th Street, Milwaukee, WI. Feature speakers will be the founders of Milwaukee Diaper Mission, and partner organizations: Ayuda Mutua, F.A.S.T Fund, and Maroon Calabash.


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