My Baby Registry Must-Haves After A Year of Reflection


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If you’re like me, you’ve been preparing your baby registry since the day you found out you were expecting.

We want the best of the best for our little bundle, who wouldn’t!? But with a never ending supply of options out there, it can be really hard to know what you actually NEED, what’s worth spending the big bucks on, and what popular items you can skip. Looking back in all of the things I have purchased over the last year, here are the baby registry items I can’t live without.

A Good Stroller

I can’t stress this baby registry item enough! We take our stroller everywhere, and a good one will make a word of difference in how you get around in your everyday life. It was important for me to have a stroller with a large basket underneath, which has REALLY come in handy when we are out shopping or hauling groceries. I also loved how our infant car seat was able to clip right into our stroller, making it so easy to go from car to strolling in no time.

A Comfy Baby Carrier

Ok ok, hear me out on this baby registry item. I never thought I would be the baby wearing kind, but I learned very quickly that I needed the ability to be hands free when I had a very snuggly newborn. When our daughter was brand new, we loved the baby k’tan. It’s comfortable to wear and feels secure without holding them in too tightly. At about four months, we started using the Boppy ComfyFit Carrier, and I still carry her around in this carrier now at sixteen months. It gives you the comfort and breathability of a traditional wrap, but has much more structure. BONUS- it’s super easy to put on and get baby in and out!

Magnetic Onesies

Did you know there was such a thing? Yeah, neither did it! I started with one pair of these and I was hooked! I can’t tell you how much easier it is to do a 3:00 a.m. diaper change when your baby is wearing one of these instead of a zipper onesie, or worse, one with buttons or snaps. This is a baby registry MUST.

Digital Thermometer

This is not an exciting or cute baby registry item, but it’s one you’ll be happy you have. I am a self-professed anxious mom. That being said, I’m super paranoid about illness/fevers. If our daughter even looks flushed, I’m running to grab this bad boy. Using one of these gives you instant results and is so much easier than taking their rectal temperature. 

Zoo Pass

While this is not your tradition baby registry item, it is one you will use a lot. This is a great gift idea for anyone who wants to get you something special and unique. It’s a great way to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and meet other moms!

In my short year as a mom, I have learned that more is not always better, especially when it comes to your baby registry. Don’t waste your money on high-tech everything or the latest gimmicky item. Trust me, you will be happy with these necessary, high-quality items.

Photo by Talia Laird PhotographyMy Baby Registry Must-Haves

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I am a lake country native and first time mama! I have worked in the Beauty industry for over 10 years; but I become a stay at home mom when my daughter, Hazel, was born! I am married to the love of my life, Ian! Before we were parents, I swear we were super cool and knew all about the downtown bar scene! Now, you can usually find me at wondering the isles of Target, in the drive thru line at Starbucks, or strolling around the Zoo with my little sidekick! I am so excited to be on this journey of motherhood with you!


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