5 Facts About Shopping for Newborn Clothing

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It can be tricky to find the perfect newborn clothing if you’ve never been shopping for baby clothes. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for someone else or for your own baby, there are a lot of hangups when you realize that outfits could be only worn once or also maybe not hold up to frequent wear. Finding a middle ground is hard, but I’ve compiled five quick facts to help you simplify your search for the perfect newborn outfit!

5 Facts About Shopping for Newborn Clothing

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1. Feel

The most important factor when shopping for baby clothes is comfort. You want to ensure that the baby is comfortable, which means that you need to feel the fabric in person. My favorite store for checking out baby clothes is Kohl’s- you can search their baby department to feel for soft, breathable, and comfortable designs. When you spend time touching the fabric in person you will be sure that it’s the right choice.

2. Condition

Along with feel, you’ll need to consider the condition of the clothing. By checking the label to see the materials that are used to make the clothes, you can predict how durable and comfortable clothes will stay. Look to make sure that quality materials are used. With the new Just Born line at Kohl’s, you can be sure that these guidelines are met since they use organic cotton. Organic cotton guarantees that no harmful chemicals are put into the clothing that could be linked to health issues. Each item of clothing in the Just Born line is certified to keep your little one safe.

3. Size

Size might be the hardest part of newborn clothes shopping. As an example, my son only fit into preemie clothing when he was born, even though he was technically a full term baby. We never thought to include a preemie outfit while packing my hospital bag since we knew he was full term! He grew quickly and then had the opposite problem where at 3 months old, he was stretching into 6 month clothing. My point of the story is that sizing can vary by quite a bit with baby clothing. Just because a label says 9 month does not guarantee that your 9 month old would fit into it. A way to avoid this problem is by going into the store and holding outfits up to eyeball the size – and thankfully Kohl’s also has a generous exchange and return policy to safeguard any sizing mistakes!

4. Value

Value is another important step to remember when shopping for newborn clothes. You don’t want to overspend on clothes that will never be worn or grown out of quickly. My best advice is to concentrate on the other facts and match your budget to those. Since Kohl’s now carries the Just Born line, you can be sure that the other tips are covered while also staying within a reasonable price point. Better yet, Kohl’s announced a 30% off SALE on the Just Born line both in store and online from 9/9/-9/22 which you can find here!

5. Style

Design and style matter to a lot of parents. Having cute clothing options can make it more fun to deal with all of those diaper changes! A middle ground between designer fashion and boring plain outfits is the best place for baby clothes since comfort is key. They can look cute and still be comfortable in the Just Born line at Kohl’s with adorable options like the Lil Lamb and Lil Dino collections.

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