Stop Making Your Kids’ Lunches!


I stopped making my kids’ lunch, and I don’t regret it. This is a bad mom post, and by “bad” I mean I’m not the stereotypical cookie cutter 1950s TV mom, but I’m honest.

We eat organic 100% so I don’t let my girls eat school lunch. (Yes, I’m that crazy organic mom). So everyday I made lunches. Everyday, there was a complaint that their tastebuds changed or they’d bring home half the food untouched and leave it out overnight.

Once I went back to work after being a stay at home mom, I had enough of the complaints. I decided to no longer make lunches for my 5th and 6th grade daughters. I got tired of the complaints, the wasted food, the “Mom I don’t like…(insert every type of food here).” One day I woke up and said, “Nope!” I handed the bread and lunch meat over to my daughters and said, “Here you go!”  

While I love to cook, I have a new role. I am now lunch inspector. 

I know you’re probably thinking that’s too much responsibility for kids. But is it? My daughters know they have to have a main entree, fruit and/or veggies, a snack, and the optional sweet. I do random checks so the girls know they know they can’t pack a bag of junk (as they have tried). More recently I have instituted a day where one sister makes the lunches then the next the other does it. This concept teaches them to communicate better and learn what each other likes and doesn’t like.  It also has cut out some of the “equality” debates the girls have every five seconds. But yes, occasionally I still have to referee during their getting out the door process in the mornings.

Making their own lunches also has given them a sense of understanding that mom does a lot. They appreciate the days that they wake up and I’ve already made lunches (on these days I deserve a reward sticker).  I categorize their recognition and independence as a mom win. 

Do you make your kids’ lunches? Sound off in the comments!


  1. I love your ideas for making the lunch making process run more smoothly. I don’t have to make my baby lunches yet but these will definitely help in the future!

  2. This is a really timely post, as many working parents will be sending their kids to camp and sending lunch. I just started to have my fourth grader pack his own lunch. Tip: I wrote a list of requirements such as sandwich, cold pack, beverage on the inside flap of his lunch box so he can look at it and pack at the same time.

  3. My kid has been making his own lunch with completely since 3rd grade. Kids are more capable than what we give them credit for.


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