‘Twas the Night Before School Starts


school starts

‘Twas the night before school starts, and a mom sipping wine

Was counting notebooks and folders to make sure there was nine.

The backpacks were full, hung by the front door with care

In hopes of avoiding chaos if she can be more prepared.


The kids in their beds, too excited to rest

Were wondering if the kids in their class would be best.

While mama was folding some new clothes on her lap

She was dreaming of tomorrow – taking an afternoon nap.


When out of his bed, now standing in the hall,

Was the cutest, bright-eyed kindergartner, ready to bawl.

He was worried about leaving his precious mommy behind,

And instead of anticipation, she was starting to find…


Herself dreading the morning – fewer cuddles and kisses.

Who will wipe these eyes at school as he lists all he misses?

Tonight she can hold him and comfort all his fears

Mommy’s words heal all wounds; She whispers in his ears.


Tonight may come with mixed emotions and thoughts

As we pack bento boxes with organic garlic knots.

Knowing we won’t be there to comfort and heal

All their problems tomorrow – they know how to deal.


Now tucking, once again, the littlest back in his bed,

She kissed him once more on his curly, sweet head.

As she tries to trust that they will be just fine,

She takes another sip (or two) of a drink that’s devine.


The time spent this summer at the lake and the pool,

Would remind them their mommy who was with them is cool.  

Each trip to the zoo where she got annoyed and did yell,

Would not be the focus of the stories they will tell.

They’ll remember sweet moments of popsicles and parades

And will never forget that priceless game of charades.

The moments they’ll cherish are not expensive ones,

All they needed was their mommy – and her silly puns.


So remember as you finish preparing tonight

Every moment was worth it – you made it just right.

Tomorrow you will miss them – hard to believe it, but it’s true.

Because they are the ones who make you the best you.


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