2020 Open Call for New Writers


Are you a Milwaukee area parent who enjoys writing and connecting with other parents in your community?

Are you interested in rediscovering your love for creative writing and/or finding a platform to share your writing? Creating fun online content?

Over the years we’ve had many amazing, talented and unique writers on the team at Milwaukee Mom and every time we post an application for writers to join our team the messaging is the same…….real parents, real stories….by Milwaukee Area parents and for Milwaukee Area parents. Our mission is to be inclusive, kind and welcoming as we provide a platform for area parents to share their perspectives and parenting experiences.

But we have fallen short of this goal time and time again. We haven’t done nearly enough to accurately represent the unique demographic of our community, and for that we apologize. We know better, so we must do better.

According datausa.io, the ethnic composition of the population of Milwaukee County is 50% White residents, 25.9% Black or African American residents, 15.4% LatinX residents, 4.3% Asian residents, and 2.9% “Two or More Races” residents.

Why all the facts and figures? Because this is the picture of who our community is, and we as a platform need to reflect this.

We’re now accepting applications for writers to join our team at Milwaukee Mom, and we humbly request that if you feel you are an underrepresented voice within our existing team of writers – please, please apply. We want you to feel seen and heard in this community.

Your voice matters, and we would be honored to give it a place to be heard.

Milwaukee Mom Open Call for Writers

The Milwaukee Mom writing team is looking for local parents with fresh and diverse voices who are passionate about motherhood and who want to share their experiences with other parents in the city of Milwaukee and beyond. Milwaukee Mom is committed to creating a community where ALL parents feel welcome at the table, and we are expanding our writing team to give space to the voices we haven’t heard from yet. Now more than ever, parents need the support of their fellow parents. They want to hear from you!

So, is it your voice and experience that we’re missing? We want to hear from you!

Or, do you know someone who would be great in this role? We hope you’ll tell them about this opportunity!

*Note: You do not have to be a blogger to apply. This is a volunteer role with some fun perks! Keep reading…

If you’re selected to join our team of writers, here’s what you can expect:

What you give

One original post per month that fits within the brand and mission of Milwaukee Mom.

OR 2 Micro Blogs…

Have you seen those pictures floating around Facebook with the lengthy captions? Those are micro blogs! They’re prominent on Instagram as well. You can think of them as mini blogs, but they’re not great for everything, so here at Milwaukee Mom we mix these in with traditional blogs and lots of other content!

Since they are shorter in length, microblogs are meant to grab the reader’s attention immediately. Personal, relatable stories about everyday life and relationships often connect with our readers. If this sounds interesting, microblogging might be for you!

What else?

  • Chip in to help the writing team update local resource guides (i.e. splash pads & pools, Summer reading programs, etc.) seasonally
  • A 6-month commitment, with the first 3 months being probationary
  • Reside in or around Milwaukee
  • A passion for parenting, kids and our community
  • Interaction with our content on social media
  • Interest and availability to attend some in person events (when the craziness of this pandemic allows)
  • A reliable, positive and fun personality!

What you get….

  • Your photo and bio on the Milwaukee Mom Writer Page(official team photo shoots take place twice per year)
  • Links to your personal blog and/or social media handles (if you choose to share them) in your author bio below your articles
  • Involvement in the MkeMom Contributor Facebook group
  • Opportunities to test out products and/or services before reviewing them on MkeMom, attend local events in exchange for social media coverage, etc.
  • Content Editing provided by MkeMom’s Content Editor on every article you submit
  • Access to pre-sale tickets to MkeMom events as available
  • New friendships and an amazing experience!

Apply Anytime!

Our Open Call application is open and available for new writers to complete at any time. Our leadership team will review submitted applications approximately once per quarter and reach out directly to the writers who match what we are looking for! Our goal is to bring the writing team to a place where is represents the makeup of our audience effectively.

*So even if you don’t hear back immediately after you submit an application, don’t panic! We still have your application in the system and will likely be reviewing it soon!

2020 Open Call

  • Please paste full URLs. An active Facebook account is required. However, if you don't have one of the other two, just put N/A.


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