A Love Letter to Wisconsin


Love Letter Wisconsin

Dear Wisconsin,

I’ve been admiring you from afar for years and I can’t believe we’re finally together. We’ve been here for eight months now, and I’m loving you more each day. 

We’re not total newbies (he’s originally from Green Bay and a Badger alum, and we were married in Door County) but we’ve never lived here as a couple, and never with kids.

Every time we came to visit, we would cross the border into your land and our shoulders would relax a bit and we’d breathe a little sigh of relief. We cheered for the Packers and the Badgers and celebrated summers Up North. We watched Wisconsin Foodie on PBS and dreamed about farm dinners and festivals we’d attend someday. We talked about moving here, to be a little closer to my in-laws, yes, but also because we just felt comfortable here. Like this was the place we were supposed to raise our family.

So last August, we took the plunge and left our home of ten years in Chicago for your green fields, charming towns, and vibrant food culture. And now we’re here. And I can tell you that we pinch ourselves almost daily that we get to raise our daughters in this great state. In this great city of Milwaukee.

So, we’re all in.

And we’ve been welcomed with open arms. From our awesome new neighbors to the cashier at the grocery store, the parents at school pick-up and the sweet ladies at City Hall. Tokens of our love have accumulated quickly in our house. The cutting board etched with the names of all those charming Wisconsin towns, the kitchen towel, the cookie cutter, the state-shaped pillow, and the posters of your local wineries and breweries that are sure to become our personal bucket lists.

Love Letter Wisconsin

And now, the best time of the year is approaching, when Midwesterners get to open their windows, dust off their flip-flops and GET OUTSIDE again. I’ve heard rumblings of what’s in store for us this summer, and I can’t wait. 

There’s no doubt we’ll be hitting up Summerfest…I can’t believe we lived across the border for a decade and never checked out The Big Gig.  Although I know you are famous for your sausage and cheese, your local CSA farms and countless breweries are first on my list, so you can bet we’ll be checking out the farmer’s markets and beer gardens.  And with the kiddos this summer, we’ll spend our time berry-picking (seriously can’t wait for this!), exploring the zoo, and hanging at the pool. 

Ah, Wisconsin.

I’ve lived in many other places in this country…California, Boston, New York City, Chicago. But nothing compares to you. 

The Packers are gold and green

The Badgers are red, it’s true.

The festivals, the museums, the lakefront, the people

Wisconsin, we love you.



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