Spectacular Birthday Parties at Goldfish Swim School

This post is part of a sponsored relationship with Goldfish Swim School in Brookfield, but all opinions expressed are 100% those of the author. Several moms on the MkeMB team strongly endorse the Goldfish experience!

birthday party goldfish swim school


Have you ever had an experience with your kids that just left you a little speechless? My son had the opportunity to host his birthday party at Goldfish Swim School so I could give YOU the best tips and review this new, local facility — and just WOW.

First of all, we had exclusive use of the entire facility for our party. We had the whole place to ourselves for two hours. We were blown away by the service, attention to detail and convenience of having a party here. Let me break it down for you so I’m being very clear — they took care of EVERTHING. Like…..all the things. It was glorious.  

Before the Party

It all started a few months out. When I confirmed the party, the staff was so kind and helpful. Goldfish listed so many things that would be included in our son’s birthday party —set up, clean up, cupcakes, juice boxes and of course, lifeguards to keep the kids safe.

I stopped by about a month out to pick up the adorable invitations that even have the waiver on the back so all the party guests can come ready to play. The staff gave me a tour and it made us so excited about the party!

A few days before the party they called to confirm our desired cupcake flavors, decoration color requests and made sure we had all the info we needed! This call made me feel confident that they were ready for us. Because the Goldfish team took so much off my plate, I could actually show up and just enjoy the party! I got to watch the kids swim and have fun and talk with the other adults. It was so LOW STRESS!

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When We Arrived

When we arrived, everything was all set and ready to go. All we had to do was enjoy a couple of hours celebrating our son! We brought a few snacks and water bottles for the adults, but the kids already had a cupcake tower and juice boxes at each spot. It was nice that they allowed us to bring in food as desired, but I didn’t have to carry in two dozen cupcakes! With five kids to bring in, it was a huge help.

From the hallway of 14 private changing rooms to the family-sized bathrooms, this place was created for families. We were all able to get ready at the same time! Each family had plenty of space and privacy. It was just minutes before we jumped into the pool. Plus, in case you missed it, we had the entire facility to ourselves for the party. 

Did you catch that? You get the entire place to yourself.

Yup. The entire facility is reserved during your party time just for you and your guests. Your child’s birthday party literally becomes an exclusive experience and it’s so nice for your guests when it comes time to get out of the pool and get reassembled. 

birthday party goldfish swim school


Safety is a big concern for me as a mom of 5 kids, but Goldfish had us covered! They had 2 lifeguards on duty for the 24 kids at the party. Parents were asked to swim with their less skilled swimmers. Each lifeguard was attentive, personable and professional. I liked that the staff made life jackets available for the kids who needed or wanted them. 

Features such as the rafts, pool toys, platforms, goggles and warm 90-degree water make this swimming experience flawless. My oldest daughter said it felt like a summer day with a warm tub as a pool! It was awesome. The whole swim room is delightfully warm. On the cold Wisconsin winter day, it got us (even me!) in the mood to swim and everyone had a blast! 

goldfish swim schoolPost-Pool Party Time

I love how they have showers right by the pool — even shampoo & soap are provided.  The fact that the whole family can get dressed again with ease makes getting out of the pool (usually the hardest part) a dream. From the hair drying station to the changing table, the Goldfish team really thought of everything when it comes to convenience. 

How the whole family can get ready with ease makes getting out of the pool (usually the hardest part) a dream. From the hair drying station to the changing tables….they Thought. Of. Everything.

The decor and design that is so welcoming to families. All my kids insisted they didn’t need to put on their shoes to eat cupcakes because they were at the beach! The only hard part was after gifts and cupcakes – we didn’t want to leave!

Get this awesome Birthday Party for FREE!

I couldn’t believe that a birthday party is included when you purchase a 12-month Charter Membership! You get a year of swim lessons, a birthday party, free family swim admission and more! You also receive a discounted birthday party when you purchase a 6-month Golden Membership. I was also shocked to learn the Goldfish class sizes are a max of four kids to one instructor — what an incredible environment for our littles to learn to swim!

Of course, you can always simply book a birthday party or sign up for a session of swim lessons, but the environment is so welcoming, you’ll come for the fun and want to return to this warm, family-focused facility again and again. Especially in the middle of our Milwaukee winter.

Our family is sending a huge Thank You to Goldfish Swim School in Brookfield for making Charlie’s 6th Birthday Party epic!

Goldfish swim School birthday party


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