Seven Totally Cool Things to Find in the Milwaukee Public Museum

milwaukee public museum
Photo credit: Milwaukee Public Museum

Seven Totally Cool & Incredible Things to Find in the Milwaukee Public Museum

If you’ve ever been, you know that the Milwaukee Public Museum is a gem here in Milwaukee, and absolutely brimming with things to learn and see. The exhibits provide entertainment for everyone in the family, from grown-ups to teens to toddlers. There are also quite a few hidden gems at the Museum and many downright incredible facts (see #3) that will make you want to head downtown to see for yourself. 

With the help of our friends at the Museum, we’ve put together a list of 7 totally cool and incredible things to find at the Milwaukee Public Museum. We also put together a printable for you to take along with you, and check off each amazing sight while you’re there. Looking to keep your 5 year old entertained for a visit? Scavenger hunt on a rainy afternoon? Just hit print and bring this along, and have fun discovering the Museum! 

1. Try to reach the pedals on a penny-farthing in the Streets of Old Milwaukee! 

What is penny-farthing anyways? I’ll admit I had to Google it. It’s got two wheels…you can ride it down the street….that’s right, it’s a bicycle! Find that and so many other unique pieces of history in the iconic Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit.

2. Push the Snake Buttons! 

In two of the exhibits (Bison Hunt & Exploring Life on Earth) there are rattlesnakes resting lurking on the floor of the exhibits. We know they are just pretend, but you can probably convince your kiddos they are real if you find the snake buttons before they do! The Snake Buttons are well hidden, but we’re here to help you. Look under the rocks on the far right side of the Bison Hunt exhibit, and under the display near the Exploring Life on Earth Exhibit. 

3. Say Hi to Simba the Lion.

Simba was a real lion that lived on the roof of the museum in the early 1900s. Say what?! Living on the roof?! We have ALL the questions. Head to the exhibit to get all the details!

4. Be surrounded by butterflies! Walk through the Puelicher Butterfly Wing and see over  70 types of butterflies!

This is definitely a highlight for museum-goers. The Puelicher Butterfly Wing has been around since we were kids, and there is nothing more magical than letting these beautiful creatures surround you. Want a butterfly to land on you? Wear bright colors!

5. Find the Howler Monkey in the Rainforest canopy. 

Want to make your friends jump? Hit the silver circle to make the monkey howl! While this monkey is fun, the whole exhibit is quite incredible. In the 80s, a group of fifteen museum biologists and arts traveled to Costa Rica to research and gather ideas for this exhibit. It took a total of 5 years to design and construct! 

6. Visit Crossroads to see two real mummies.

The two mummies, Djed-Hor and Padi-Heru, were acquired in 1887. Both mummies came from Akhmim, Egypt. You read this correctly, there are REAL MUMMIES right here in our museum. Using the latest technology, visitors can see inside the mummies using CT scan imagery. 

milwaukee public museum

7. Feel a T. Rex Tooth and Claw! 

The dinos at the museum are always an epic sight, especially for your kiddos who love dinosaurs! The museum houses the world’s largest known dinosaur skull and a life-size replica of T. Rex! You can even touch T. Rex’s tooth and claw!

milwaukee public museum

The Milwaukee Public Museum is full of hidden gems that are perfect for all ages to explore and it just keeps getting better! Every time you visit, there is something new to uncover and learn.

Spiders ALIVE! Special Exhibit

Through January 12th, you can get up close and personal (though safely behind glass) with 17 incredible species of live spiders from around the world at Spiders ALIVE! Check out the tarantula the size of your fist, introduce yourself to a Black Widow, and meet the spider who inspired Charlotte’s Web! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn about these creatures.

FREE Printable to Explore Milwaukee Public Museum

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