Fitting Room Protest:: A Review


This post is sponsored by Wantable, a Milwaukee-based personal styling service we are convinced our readers will love! All experiences and opinions are our own.


I haven’t been in a fitting room in over three months, yet my wardrobe has never looked so good. I’ve been a Stitch Fix customer for years and tried the Nordstrom Trunk Club. Recently I got the opportunity to give the local kid a shot,

Let’s get down to the details. My first unboxing was in the company of the MKE Mom’s Blog crew, something I highly recommend doing if you enjoy a shower of compliments mixed with free styling tips. You can check out the entire unboxing here

My Honest Review of


  • For the first time in all of my subscription experience, I wanted to keep the whole box
  • You don’t need to keep the whole box to get a discount. Keep five or more items and get 20% off your total cost. 
  • You can schedule a USPS pick-up and they’ll come get it from you. This is the biggest game changer of them all. I despise having to go to the post office with two one-year-olds. I’d keep using on this feature alone.
  • carries sizes 0-4x so regardless of your size, they’ve got something for you. I’m currently still fighting with a post-partum body (is there an expiration date on “post-partum”? How long can I use this excuse?) and needed to size up in a lot of things. I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing style for size in any of the items!


  • As with all subscription services, if you don’t like anything and send back the entire box, you do lose out the $20 styling fee. (Still a worthy expense to avoid a fitting room meltdown, if you want my opinion). 

Now the goods. Disclaimer: I am not a fashion blogger, I’m just pretending to play one here. These photos were taken for the MKE Mom’s Blog by Milwaukee’s luxury family and newborn photographer, Talia Laird Photography, while we contributors got together to celebrate summer. 

I opened the box, saw black and I knew they got me. This patterned blouse and black leggings are a winning combo. The leggings are super stretchy and feature all the details needed to get away with wearing them as real pants (full button and zipper, faux front pockets and real back pockets!).

Next, this gorgeous deep green swing dress. I paired it with the quartz necklace that was sent. I threw on a jean jacket and the outfit was complete. I could totally see myself pairing it with leggings, boots and a scarf for fall. Total keeper.

Next was another real beauty, this coral sweater. Thin-knit, oversized without being bulky, this sweater is begging for a cool fall day.

And finally, the unicorn I had been begging all of the services for. A Tan France approved t-shirt with a little something extra thanks to the embellished florals, begging for a french tuck.

So there you have it, Mamas. A fall-ready wardrobe, delivered to my door for about the same budget I’d spend in-store without the tears and f-bombs. Ready to try a Style Edit for yourself? Get over to WANTABLE.COM and fill out your style quiz today! 


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