Spotlight On Milwaukee Black Authors


The greater Milwaukee area is simply thriving with talented authors who are creating books that families need to know about. We are grateful to Orange Hat Publishing in Waukesha for collaborating with us on this spotlight. Orange Hat Publishing is a local publishing house that is proud to feature works by numerous local authors, many* of whom are spotlighted below.

*Not all authors listed are represented by Orange Hat Publishing

Author Spotlights | Milwaukee Area Black Authors

Deanna Singh


Get to Know Deanna

Deanna Singh is the daughter of a Sikh American man and African American woman. Her husband is African American and German American. Their two children, Zephaniah and Zion, reflect all of those beautiful heritages. Instilling pride in their color, in a country that is filled with negative images and messages about their brown skin, is the primary motivation for writing children’s books featuring children of color. A native of Milwaukee, WI Singh earned her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Fordham University, a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University, and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is committed in her personal and professional life to the pursuit of social justice, these books are an extension of that commitment.

What inspired you to write your books?

I was frustrated by the lack of books that feature positive images of children of color.

What impact can books have on affecting change in our world?

It is important that your books at home and the ones you choose from the library reflect the images and stories of children from all backgrounds. Books are meant to help open up the world to children. When the options that we put before them do not reflect the diversity that exists in the world we are missing an opportunity to help them learn about different cultures and experiences.

I Am a Girl of Color

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I Am a Boy of Color


Cloth Crown

Lora L Hyler

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Get to Know Lora

I’m the author of a new coronavirus book for children, inspired by an Emory Global Health Institute competition, great for ages 6-12. The fiction book features a 7-year-old, Maya and her 10-year-old brother, Bryan, who are struggling with the new changes in their lives. Readers will find safety tips, as well as lots of humor and laughter as the family copes and helps their community. I live in Glendale, WI.

What inspired you to write your books?

I’m a former journalist with the NPR and ABC affiliate radio stations in Milwaukee. I’ve also worked as a corporate communications manager, business consultant and have owned a public relations and marketing company since 2001.

What specifically would you like local parents to know about you, your books, and/or how they can support local authors?

We live in a diverse world. A divided country or world cannot stand. How do we best equip our children to deal with their lives? Through exposing them to diverse cultures through books. They will develop empathy and resilience, ultimately bettering their country.
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The Stupendous Adventures of Mighty Marty Hayes

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Our Bodies Stay Home, Our Imaginations Run Free

Reginald Walton

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Get to Know Reggie

I am a marriage counselor, speaker, educator and author. I have been blessed to become a father less than a year ago. Born in Chicago, IL my family and I moved to Milwaukee, WI young in my life. I really enjoy helping and building people up, encouraging others to go beyond their boundaries and become who they see themselves becoming in their minds.


What inspired you to write your books?

I wrote my children’s book series because, as an educator and counselor, I’ve noticed the importance of celebrating parenthood. Many children in the Black community do not have a father in the home and, unfortunately, a single parent home has become the norm. My first children’s book “My Daddy’s Hat” is for fathers to see how their children look up to them and wish to mimic them. The same goes for “My Mommy’s Shoes.” It displays how children look up to their parents, and at the same time, how children learn and have fun.


What specifically would you like local parents to know about you, your books, and/or how they can support local authors (especially authors of color)?

I came from a single home family, raised by my mother. I grew up in the city as well. I’ve faced many of the challenges youth of color have faced, or are facing today. Ideally, one must grow up and move past some of the racial challenges. It starts with the next generation. If you are blessed with the gift of parenthood, then you have an opportunity to change things for your children. Be present with your children. Know they are watching you and that your actions affect them. Knowing how much effect you have on them should motivate us to become better individuals and parents.

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My Daddy's Hat

Terrance Talley

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Get to Know Terrance

I am a school assembly speaker and evangelist. I get the opportunity to travel around and love people for who they are. I am from Burnsville, MN originally, but we have lived in West Allis, WI for the past 3 years. I just love getting to know people and reaching those who feel alone, hurt, and unknown. My goal is to make sure everyone knows they’re loved.

What inspired you to write your books?

I received a letter from a student after an assembly one day where he talked about how he was molested when he was 13 years old by his uncle. The police were called and thankfully nothing had happened since then. He was 18 at the time he wrote to me and explained that he hadn’t told anybody besides his family because he hated himself for letting that happen and he believed people would look at him differently if they knew. I couldn’t stand the thought that this kid felt alone in his pain and hurt. There is a world of students that have gone through the same things, and they would never know about each other because they’re all trying to keep their secrets hidden. I didn’t want secrets to separate people any longer.

What specifically would you like them to know about you, your books, and/or how they can support local authors (especially authors of color)?

I truly believe that everyone deserves to be loved. Nobody deserves to live in shame, no matter what secret they have. My goal for my book, Secrets Anonymous: Our Story, is to reach the hurting, the addicted, abused, depressed, lonely, broken. To inspire friends to reveal to each other that they are not alone in their pain. Supporting an author of color is as easy as posting about their book, sharing their book, and of course purchasing that book. Authors of color don’t get a lot of attention because people just think authors of color only write about things of color for people of color, and that’s just not true.
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Secrets Anonymous

Angel Bell

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Get to Know Angel

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am an author, mentor, life coach and a visionary of purpose.I am passionate about my purpose in life. Dedicated about making a difference in the lives of others. Today, I am the founder of Dreams Into Reality Coaching and Consulting Services, LLC, owner of book publishing imprint D. I. R. 19 Publishing, and coauthor of Women of Courage Volume 2. I am a big advocate for helping people reach their full potential in all that they may set out to do, as well as to know that with God, ” ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” (Matthew 19:26).

What inspired you to write your books?

My son, Cameron was inspired to write a book on bullying after his personal experience with being bullied and being a witness to someone else being bullied. After his experience and research, it sparked us to write about it. Why Bully Me? is a story about a school-aged child who suffers from being bullied at school by another student and can’t seem to understand why the bully decides to pick on him. As his creative director….(mom/coauthor) I felt the need to spread anti-bully awareness through prevention and by educating others on how to understand it, stand up to it safely, and treat others with kindness and respect – all issues that are common in today’s society.

What specifically would you like them to know about you, your books, and/or how they can support local authors (especially authors of color)?

My hope is to bring about a strong sense of anti-bully awareness within schools and our communities through prevention. During this process we experienced some highs and some lows, but we kept the faith and continued the journey. No matter what you may experience in life, keep pushing. Someone need to hear your story!
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Why Bully Me?

Additional Milwaukee Area Authors of Color

Dasha Kelly Hamilton

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Bridget Robinson

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Brenda Cárdenas

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Rayna Andrews


Talaya Scott

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Ajamou Butler

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Shawnta Sayner

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