Zoo Pass: More BANG For My BUCK


When I decided to take the year off and spend more time with my son, I was unsure what the days would look like. I worried that it would either be a) boring or b) overwhelming.

I’m here to say it can be both.

At times I wake up not wanting to move as I hear him crying through his monitor. Other days, I wake up just a bit before him to make my morning coffee and scoff at the fact that I have SO much to get done in what feels like no time at all.

I’ve learned a lot as I am nearing the one-month mark home with my little guy…the biggest one? You gotta get the MOST out of memberships and passes!

As we decided that it was financially okay for me to stay home with my son, we also realized that it would not be fun if all we did every day was stay home, play with toys and go on countless walks. What would I do in the fall when it was raining? Or the winter when it was too cold? I know, the downtime at home, reveling in just BEING and SITTING and watching Frozen while he sits nice…those days are amazing, but what makes me even more joyous is watching him learn, interact and grow. We got a few memberships, and they have already been utilized so much we’ve “made our money back”!


So, I’m pumped to break down why we have the Milwaukee County Zoo Annual pass and its impact on us as a family!

Education is my Brain Power!

I love the Milwaukee County Zoo. It brings so much joy and laughter to my son as we run through the misting stations, and we can also allow him to see animals in real life. At just 17 months, he is soaking in all the knowledge, even if he thinks all animals are dogs right now (you know how they get when they learn a new word). But eventually, he will walk into the aviation room and say “bird.” Soon he will see the aquatic animals and say “fish.” Kids are SPONGES, and allowing him to see the animals in real life gives us the chance to watch him soak in a little bit of knowledge while also giving me something to do with him.

Bored? Not Anymore!

While the zoo doesn’t open until 9:30 am, it stays open a bit later in the afternoon, giving us a chance to go after his nap. You can still get in 45 minutes before the 4:30 closing time (fall hours), which means we have time for a nap, snack, and the short drive over. When we are there, we can really enjoy a nice walk, some new scenery, and let’s be honest; we LIVE for that playground.

Ayy! Better Save That Money!

When I was younger, I remember going to the Milwaukee County Zoo. I honestly thought it was the best zoo in the country (and I still think so…), but I am not sure if my mom had a pass. Thinking back, I am sure that the prices weren’t what they are now! Prices can range upwards of 14.25 per adult and 11.25 per child – unless that child is under 3. On Wednesdays, the prices are reduced, and there is a 1.25 decrease in price if you’re a Milwaukee County resident, but still… sheesh! 

We have been about 10 times since we got our pass, which for my husband and myself would’ve cost 130$ and that’s not including the price for parking! That’s the money right there!. Anything more, and we would be paying SOOOOOO much money or just not going. We have found so much value in obtaining the year pass for the zoo. Some days we go at 9:30 and stay until 11:00. When we get home, it’s time for lunch and then a nap! Talk about a QUICK morning. Most days, we use the pass in the afternoon when we have nothing planned and just want to get out of the house. The zoo never gets “old” because animals are cool, and it never gets “boring” because there is SO much to see. 

But don’t worry, if you’re not willing to dish out 150$ for a zoo pass, you can also check out their FREE entry days, which can help you have something to do and allow you the chance to break up the hours at home.

I would highly recommend the annual zoo pass for any mama staying at home with her baby this year. Not only does it allow you time in the fresh air, but you can also get some exercise, watch your child learn, and social distancing is made easy!


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