Which Milwaukee Mother’s Day is Perfect for You? | A Quiz and a “Momwaukee” Giveaway from The Corners of Brookfield


Is there anything better than opening your eyes at the crack of dawn on Mother’s Day to the smell of toast burning, the sound of kids fighting over whose turn it is to use the red marker, or to the sight of your whole crew bursting through your bedroom door carrying a breakfast they cooked just for you? No matter how you became a mother, this day is for YOU. It may be perfectly imperfect and sometimes laced with twinges of emotions that we aren’t sure how to handle, but Mother’s Day is meant to be a day that you get to pause for just a moment and allow yourself to be celebrated for another year of doing your very best as Mom. 

Our partners at The Corners of Brookfield want to celebrate with you and we all know how hard it can be to answer the dreaded question when it comes — “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” The obvious answers are all there (a nap, a break, 2 hours to wander Target alone), but this fun little quiz can help you determine what sort of gift package just might be the perfect fit for you this Mother’s Day!

It’s the Momwaukee Mother’s Day Quiz! 

This post and giveaway is sponsored by The Corners of Brookfield, the destination for dining, retail, lifestyle and entertainment right of I-94 in Brookfield! Offering everything from free family fun to luxury shopping to fabulous dining and fitness options, there is truly something for everyone at The Corners of Brookfield

What Kind of Milwaukee Mother's Day is Perfect for You?

1. You wake up on Mother’s Day morning and the first question you are asked is, “What do you want to do today?” How do you respond? 

A. The sun is shining – let’s lace up our boots and head to Lapham Peak for a hike!
B. Pack the snacks, grab the sunscreen, fill up the water bottles. We’re going to the zoo and we’re gonna splurge on feeding the giraffes.
C. A day of solo pampering sounds perfect – maybe a mani/pedi, a massage, or a spa treatment! 
D. I’d love to try out a new restaurant we’ve been dying to go to or maybe even take a cooking class to learn how to make something new!
E. Nothing. I want to do a whole lot of nothing!  

2. Your ideal Mother’s Day meal is……

A. French Toast with fresh berries, perfectly cooked eggs, etc. A classic brunch with a mimosa on the side. 
B. Tacos. Always tacos. 
C. Avocado on thick-cut toast that will look fantastic on my Instagram.
D. An international-inspired meal I’ve created myself with ingredients my kids would never touch. 
E. Literally anything that someone else makes that I don’t have to clean up. Bonus points if I get to eat it at its intended temperature. 

3. Someone you love brings you a bouquet for Mother’s Day. Which one would make you smile the biggest?

A. Tulips – simple and hearty, the first signs of spring after the long winter
B. Orchid – they take a lot of tender care, but it’s so worth it
C. A variety of wildflowers – the combination is always so much more beautiful
D. A cluster of herbs – lovely to look at and easy to plant and grow more
E. Whatever was on special for $3.50 at Trader Joe’s. 

4. When selecting a gift for someone else on Mother’s Day, what do you tend to choose?

A. An experience they will enjoy with those they love
B. Something useful that feeds their passions
C. Something that gives them a chance to recharge, that they might not ever choose for themselves
D. A gift card to a restaurant I know they’ll love or meal/grocery delivery
E. A heart-felt text message and possibly a card from Target

5. If your motherhood style was represented by a Milwaukee landmark, which one would fit you best?

A. The Domes – Adventurous, Experiential, Active
B. The Milwaukee Public Museum – Hands-on, Interactive, Inspired 
C. The Milwaukee Art Museum – Loves to slow down and appreciate each moment
D. The Milwaukee Public Market – Flexible, Individualized, Loves trying new things
E. The Hoan Bridge – Let’s be real, you’re sort of white-knuckling this whole thing.

The Results!

If you answered mostly A, you are THE ADVENTUROUS MOM. 

Not one to want to sit still for too terribly long, you love to spend Mother’s Day experiencing adventures with your loved ones. You want to go places and do things, breathe in the fresh air, and make new discoveries. 

Your perfect Mother’s Day Gift Package: 

If you answered mostly B, you are THE HANDS-ON MOM. 

You love to jump in and get interactive with your kids and to capture the memories along the way. You love creating, exploring, and finding new ways to uncover your own passions as well as those of your kiddos. You don’t shy away from a challenge and love to encourage creativity in your children. 

Your perfect Mother’s Day Gift Package: 

If you answered mostly C, you are THE CLASSIC MOM. 

You are the kind of mom who loves the simple things in life – moments of quiet, sweet laughter, the artwork your child created in preschool, a good book. You love to slow down with your kids and enjoy each phase as it comes, but you also understand the importance of self-care and making sure you make yourself a priority. 

Your perfect Mother’s Day Gift Package: 

If you answered mostly D, you are THE FOODIE MOM. 

A carefully crafted meal can be a beautiful way to express love, something this mom understands well! You love hosting meals for your family and friends and creating in the kitchen is one of your favorite ways to spend quality time with your children. You love to explore new flavors and new restaurants, both with your children and as a way to take care of yourself! 

Your perfect Mother’s Day Gift Package: 

If you answered mostly E, you are THE EVERYMOM.

In fact, no matter which letter you answered most, this is for you too.

You’re taking this whole motherhood gig one day at a time, figuring it out as you go along, and reheating your coffee as many times as it takes along the way. There are days when you may wonder if you are messing this whole thing up, but let us be the first to tell you that you are CRUSHING this mom thing and this Mother’s Day, it is our hope that you know you are amazing and that you get to take some time to yourself to know that and appreciate that. 

Your perfect Mother’s Day Gift Package: 

  • Time to yourself to do something that fills you up and recharges you
  • An activity with your kids where nobody fights, spills, gets hurt, or screams.
  • Control over the food and its temperature, the remote control, and the amount of sleep you get. 

Enter to Win these Mother's Day Prize Packages!

Thanks to The Corners of Brookfield, you can ENTER TO WIN each of these prize packages! The winner will be selected and notified via email on May 8th, 2019. 


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