ALDI Curbside Pickup is the Ultimate in Grocery Quality & Convenience

This post is not sponsored by ALDI, however, a referral link is used that gets users $10 off their first ALDI Curbside order.


Many a mom before me has sung the praises of shopping at ALDI. There are so very many things to love about this grocery store that go way beyond low prices, the amazing “ALDI Finds,” and cheap wine. I could go on and on about the amazing organic selection, the efforts this store has made to get rid of nasty pesticides and chemicals, the ever-expanding vegan selection, and the life-changing Tika Masala sauce, but there’s no time for that today. If you’ve never experienced ALDI before, now is the time to climb aboard the train because ALDI just introduced the biggest game-changer known to momkind…..


Anyone who has ever experienced an emergency run to the grocery store with a tired toddler on the verge of meltdown knows the value of not having to get out of the car to get your groceries. Now you can get your ALDI fix without ever having to set foot in the store, which I think we can all agree is a literal game-changer. 

aldi delivery

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Use the ALDI app or the website to find your local store and build your order. 

Keep in mind that ALDI Curbside is not currently available at all stores…..YET. For our Milwaukee area mamas, you can currently find this service in Oak Creek, Muskego and Waukesha (as of this writing). So, these two resources will be your best way to stay up to date on what’s happening with your local store. Plus, if you aren’t already using the ALDI app, you’re going to want to download that pronto. You can create your shopping list, load in coupons, check out the new “Weekly Finds,” and find out what the sales of that week will be.

Plus, if your store offers it, you can do your shopping for ALDI Curbside right from your phone! Imagine doing your grocery shopping on your phone while your kids have their swimming lesson and then pulling into ALDI on your way home and having those groceries put right into your car with no need to take your tired, soaking wet children out of their seatbelts. AH-MAH-ZING. 

aldi curbside

2. Select Your Pickup Time

When you build your order, you will select an hour window as your ideal pickup time. When I tried this, I selected the 2 – 3 pm window, but our shopping was ready nearly an hour early and I was able to go pick it up earlier! Plus, it gave me a “your order will be available for pickup until” range that was well beyond that 3 pm mark so that if something unexpected came up, I wouldn’t miss out on my groceries. 

aldi pickup

3. Checkout and Pickup! 

You immediately get a text message to notify you that your order has been placed and then you will receive an update when it is ready for pickup. You click the link in the text and it brings up a handy screen that tells you exactly where to go when you reach the store and how to find the designated ALDI Curbside parking spots. 

Once you are parked, you click the blue “I’m at the Store” button, enter some identifying information for your vehicle, and presto! Your ALDI shopper will bring your order out to you and load it into your car ALREADY BAGGED UP. Easy peasy!

Some ALDI Curbside Pro Tips

  • The service costs $4.99 per order. If you can show me a person who hasn’t spent an extra $5 by walking around ALDI and finding something she never knew she needed, then I have a bridge for sale that you’re really gonna love. You can get $10 off your first order with this link, though! All of this goodness is brought to you by the angels at Instacart, which is the “vehicle” through which this service is offered. 
  • Don’t worry about bringing your bags or your handy ALDI quarter! Your shopper will load your order up into bags for you and bring them right out to your car, so this also solves that pesky problem of forgetting the bags and the quarter when you really really needed them. 
  • You can’t buy wine. I know, I know. One of my favorite things to get at ALDI is my $6 bottle of Cabernet but alas, the alcohol is not eligible for the ALDI Curbside service. If you need to purchase alcohol, you’ll need to grab your ID and hoof it inside the store yourself. 
  • You miss out on a lot of the famous “ALDI Finds.” We’ve all come home from ALDI at some point with a crazy find we never would have imagined we needed like a yard-length Twix bar, a miniature cash tree, or a smiley face mini pancake skillet. If you’re in the mood for the ALDI Treasure Hunt, skip the Curbside service because your options online will be pretty limited. 
  • Your shopper will make replacements if you authorize it. Sometimes, things are out of stock that you selected online so there will be suggested replacements that you can authorize. For example, the mango fruit bars were out of stock at my store, so I selected the strawberry as a replacement and I got a notification that the swap had taken place! 

aldi deliveryGet $10 off Your First ALDI Curbside Order! 

Ready to try it out? Use THIS LINK to take $10 off your first order and take your ALDI Game to a whole new level. Haven’t fully jumped on the ALDI bandwagon just yet? Here are a few good reads for you to bring you up to speed on why this place rocks a mom’s socks off: 

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