Save Your Kids’ Hair (and Yours): Easy Summer Haircare Tips


Let’s talk about summer haircare. Don’t we all want that summer hair color that we had when we were five: perfectly, naturally balayaged from the sun and water without the price tag or price of damage? Duh! Of course we do! Also, we want our hair and our kids’ hair not to be fried and tangled mush after three months of sun and fun.

Here are some quick and easy tips to keep your hair silky and enviable long after the sun rays have faded.

1. Get a trim.
Make sure your kiddos get that post-school year trim. Starting out with fresh, healthy ends is key. Going into summer with good hair is much easier to manage than trying to repair hair that is already too far gone later on.

2. Saturate their hair with water before getting in the pool, lake, or ocean.
The cuticle of the hair can only absorb so much water, so you want to fill the hair with clean, unsalted, or unchlorinated water first to act as a barrier.

3. Wash it after water adventures.
Getting all of that garbage out of their hair ASAP is essential to the hair not becoming dry, brittle, or a rats nest! If you can’t do it right away or spend your day lounging after water play, keep a bottle of detangler and wet brush in your bag and thank me later.

4. UV protectant spray or hat.
Boating? Just sunbathing? UV protectant sprays are like sunscreen for the hair. It wont stop you or your littles from getting those gorg natural highlights, but it will stop the damage of the direct sun rays, just like you can still get tan with sunscreen on. Don’t want to bother applying yet another thing? Pop on a hat!

5. Shampoo less often.
I KNOW I just said shampoo as early as possible. However, if you aren’t swimming and getting the hair filthy with salt water or chlorine, leave it for a day. The water sports and sun will dry it out. Give it a day to let the natural oils do their thing. Everyone loves a messy top knot anyways.

6. Trim it again.
Before school starts, get your kids scheduled for a fresh cut to get those summer ends off and a clean shape for picture day.

No matter what, our hair pays a little bit of the price when we are out enjoying all the wonders that summer has to offer. Hopefully these haircare tips can save you from making your kids chop their hair every summer or spending hours deep conditioning and detangling. I mean, at least sun-in isn’t a thing anymore…is it?


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