Summer Reading Programs in Milwaukee



Raise your hand if you would love an awesome FREE summer activity! We have got you covered. Even better that it’s in air conditioning and includes prizes that you don’t have to think up!  Oh, aren’t summer reading programs the most dreamy gifts to parents?  Now, sit down and brace yourself because at this very moment, you are surrounded by summer reading programs.  They’re all over Milwaukee! Plus, they are all FREE, include rewards, and are designed for all ages of children.  Your summer just got incredibly feasible and fun with the following summer reading programs.

Barnes & Noble

The Summer Reading Triathlon at Barnes & Noble is open now through September 6th at your local Barnes and Noble.  Your 1st – 6th grader can get their very own reading journal (which is more like a questionnaire) at the Barnes & Noble near you or you can print it off from the Triathlon site.  This is a very simple way to earn a free new book.  Only 1 free book may be redeemed per child. And, you’ll see the book list of free books they offer on the reading journal (questionnaire) too.  Plus, you and your child may enjoy attending the Reading Triathlon Opening Ceremonies on June 4th at your local Barnes & Noble.

Half-Price Books  

IMG_3358Any child of high school age and under can participate in Half-Price Bookstores Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program during June and July.  High school students who read a book over the summer can go to to submit a short online review of the book they read to earn Bookworm Bucks, which can be redeemed at Half-Price Bookstores.  Children in 8th grade and under get to log reading 15 minutes a day until their Feed Your Brain reading log reaches 300 minutes earning them Bookworm Bucks to be redeemed at Half-Price Bookstores.

Also, you’ll find Reading Tips for Kids and a helpful Printables section including 40 Books Every Child Should Read when you check out for more details about the Feed Your Brain program. Pretty soon your child may like to wear a timer (like mine did) so they don’t miss one minute to add to their reading log.

The Library

Your library cannot wait to see you and your child!  Children of all ages can participate in the library’s summer reading program starting June 1st.  The library’s program includes reading logs returned for rewards.  Whether you’re in the city of Milwaukee or in a suburb of Milwaukee, your library is stocked with free admission tickets to places all over the city, free and discounted coupons to restaurants, prize drawings, recognition opportunities, and free books.  The Milwaukee City Library Super Reader Program is similar yet different from the Ready, Set, Read national program run by the libraries in the suburbs.  All of the libraries hand out similar rewards as children return to the library with their reading logs, but every library facilitates their own reading program.  So, though they are all somewhat similar, they also are all somewhat different.

Did you know participating in your local library’s summer reading program positively impacts your local library?  Yep, every person walking through the door of the library helps that library thrive. Each time you utilize your library, you’re counted, and the stats of patronage at that facility directly impacts that facility’s budget.   High participation in the summer reading program at your library positively impacts your library’s future.  So, make the library a regular fixture in your weekly summer schedule, and visit your library to find out exactly what prizes they award their readers!

Let’s hear it for reading! What do you do to keep your kids reading over the summer?



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