Tips to Enjoy a Brewers Game This Season with the Kids


Brewers game

My oldest daughter went to her first Milwaukee Brewers game when she was four months old. It was a gift for her dad’s first Father’s Day and I didn’t anticipate that it would be almost 90 degrees in the stadium that June day! But that didn’t stop us from going, knowing that if it was too much we could always leave early. Thankfully, our seats were in the shade, she fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn, and we made it through the game without any fuss (or heat stroke). Yes, we did have to take a break to walk her around in cooler air, but we made it all the way to see the Brewers come from behind in the ninth inning to win the game. And not only that- we had fun! Outings like that gave us confidence to continue taking our daughter (and now her sisters) to places that we enjoy. 

Fast forward eight years, and all three of our girls have been to multiple Brewers games. They love Bernie and the sausage races. Our oldest cheers wildly for her favorite players. When they get restless, we encourage spontaneous dance breaks in the seats. And when all else fails, they can always be won over with an ice cream treat. 

brewers gameNow that I am no longer a rookie, here are my top tips for taking your kids to see a Brewers game this season (or any sporting event in the near future).

1. Buy tickets ahead of time so that you can secure tickets on the aisle and in the shade. This will make bathroom breaks, runs to the concession stand, and trips to calm any tantrums much easier. And if you happen to go on a super hot day like we did, at least you won’t be baking in the sun!

2. Pay for parking and enjoy a kid-friendly tailgate. Our girls love to tailgate for the same reasons we do – food, people watching, and games! Even if we don’t grill, we still pack sandwiches and snacks to enjoy in the parking lot. Beyond the fun, the tailgate also lets my girls burn off some energy, fill their bellies so they don’t go into the stadium hungry, and ensures that we arrive early and don’t feel rushed to get to our seats.
3. Leave your stroller behind and take your preferred baby carrier. You might get lucky like we did and have a sleeping baby by the second inning! And you won’t have to deal with checking your stroller with guest relations during the game.
4. Find the nearest bathroom before heading to your seats so that you don’t have to worry about finding it when it matters. This is especially important now that our youngest is newly potty trained and doesn’t always give us the most advance warning that she needs to go. But thankfully, I have found baby changing stations in the bathrooms and multiple family restroom options throughout the stadium.
5. Pack snacks but indulge in a special treat, too. We bring plenty of snacks to keep our daughters happy and to avoid having to buy a lot of food in the stadium. But we also let them pick one special treat during the game. An ice cream or frozen lemonade is well worth the money when it brings huge smiles and a few extra innings to our outing.
6. Don’t be frustrated if you have to take breaks during the game. Walk the concourse, visit one of the two interactive playgrounds, go on a “hunt” to find Bernie or the Racing Sausages, or grab your kid a “first game certificate” at a Brewers guest relations kiosk. Any of these activities should be a nice distraction and will hopefully let you get them back in their seats for the remaining innings.
7. Watch a Brewers game at home before going to Miller Park. Or at the very least, talk about all of the fun that you will experience at the game. Baseball has become a staple in our home, and now, my daughters are genuinely excited when they get to go to Miller Park.
I have so many special memories from going to Brewers games at County Stadium with my family as a kid. And I love that my husband and I are creating the same tradition for our daughters. I hope these tips help more Milwaukee area families enjoy a Brewers game this season at Miller Park. Play Ball!
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Stephanie is a Wisconsin native who has always called this great state home, except for a quick two year stint in Minnesota after earning her business degree at UW-Madison. She now resides in Brookfield with her attorney husband and their four bold, beautiful, biracial children (Amira – 8, Leila – 6, Naomi – 3, and Isaiah – 6 months). Stephanie is a full-time working mom who loves a good list and credits her planner for keeping her on track while balancing work and mom duties. When she isn’t working or mommy-ing, Stephanie enjoys going on a long run, reading a good book, dreaming of her next travel adventure, and drinking a craft beer or glass of red wine with her husband.


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