Ice Castles in Lake Geneva | Opening January 31st


Lake Geneva Ice Castles are Back!

Lake Geneva – Get excited because the Ice Castles are coming to Lake Geneva! This gorgeous, unique attraction opens to the public on January 31st and families will get to enjoy interactive experiences like frozen fountains, slides, crawl spaces and beautiful cascading ice with color-changing LED lights.

This is the second year Ice Castles has built its winter experience in Lake Geneva. The castles at Geneva National Resort & Club will include concession areas, 2 kids’ zones, more ice slides, and about twice the space as last year’s castle.

It is recommended to wear boots, as you will be walking on crushed ice. And if you have small children – consider a sled to pull them rather than a stroller.

You can also find the ice castles in Utah, Minnesota, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Alberta, Canada.

Tickets are available now right here!


  1. So cool, i mean literally 😛 Ice castles are such a delight, they are like you are in the plot of the movie Frozen and the kids just love it. Best place to have a nice weekend outing with your kids.


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