Women & Bier :: A Bierklasse Experience at Cafe Centraal


Green and gold. Cheese and crackers. Milwaukee and beer. It’s good to live in Wisconsin, isn’t it?

Cafe CentraalIt’s Milwaukee Beer Week and we are excited to share with you about a unique experience from our partners at the Lowlands Group that not only lets you sample and explore exciting new beers, but you get to learn all about the history behind those beers, the brewing process and so much more. Our MKE Moms Blog team got to enjoy a very special variety of this experience last month at Cafe Centraal and everyone just raved about it! 

Introducing……the Bierklasse.

What is a BierklasseWell, it’s a special event taught by a bonafide beer expert where friends gather to enjoy a variety of biers (yes, spelled that way. We’ll get to the reason in just a second) while learning all about what makes each individual brew special, the foods to pair them with, and all kinds of other tasty tidbits sure to impress your friends. It’s perfect for the bier aficionado, novice and everything in between. 

Each Bierklasse features a handful of different Belgian brews (hence, bier) and it’s basically all you can drink….within reason. This is no college frat beer party, friends. The brewmaster leading this event walks you through the nuances of every bier, teaching you how to isolate the aromas, the finish, and the mouthfeel of each bier. 

MKE Moms Blog was more than happy to be the guinea pigs as Cafe Centraal tested out a new Bierklasse that was perfect for our group — Women and Bier.

Upon arrival, the resident brewmaster, an absolutely delightful woman named Heidi rocking purple hair, handed each of us our Welcome Bier. 


Any time someone just hands you a Welcome Bier, you know you’re going to have a good time. Just sayin’. 

The Red Room at Cafe Centraal was set up just for this Bierklasse, with our 6 biers we would be sampling on one table, a spread of cheeses on another, plus each individual table was arranged so that every participant had a note sheet so that as we sampled each bier, we could write down notes about its attributes. 


But there was a catch. This was a competition.

bierklasseUnlike a typical Bierklasse, each bier we would be enjoying was either brewed by or named after a woman and our task was to try to figure out which bier was which. The winner got to go home with this wicked prize basket featuring an extremely rare bottle of bier that was only ONE of FOUR in existence. 


The next hour or so was spent pouring and having Heidi teach us more about how to really experience bier at its best. We learned how to identify flavor notes and how the color of a bier can tell you a lot about how it’s made. We learned about how the size of the head on the pour provides a clue as to how effervescent the bier is. We were also introduced to an entirely different class of bier that even our self-proclaimed “team experts” had never encountered – the Sour Biers. This unique style of bier was almost like a hybrid between bier and wine and really took a lot of us by surprise. 

With the competition in full swing, we also had some business to take care of. 

The reason our team had gathered was to welcome 14 new writers to our contributor team and we were so honored to have the opportunity to get to learn about one another AND about bier at the same time! 






We had cast our votes and done our best to determine which bier was which, based on our brewmaster’s guidance and the cheese pairing that has been selected. In the end, it came down to a tie between Mariana and Megan and a Lightning Round was required to determine the winner of the coveted prize basket. 

In an epic showdown of MKE Moms Blog plus Bier Trivia, one victor emerged. 


Mariana was none too eager to share that exceptional bier with her teammates, but our entire team would recommend the Bierklasse experience to everyone we know. Perfect for any sort of group gathering, the Lowlands Group brew team is happy to offer both private and public classes. Bierklasses are available at any of the 5 Lowlands Grand Cafes. To see what Bierklasse is coming up next or to arrange a private session of your very own, check out the the Full Schedule

Thank you to Cafe Centraal for a fantastic evening of bier education, to Lulu B Photography for these amazing photos, and to Kelly’s adornable.u Jewelry Box for providing the jewelry styling for our photo shoot. 



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