Abby is a mom to three boys, (ages 15, 10 and 8), who spends her time perfecting the art of identifying socks that have been worn for more than one day. Abby's journey to parenthood started with her marriage to Beth when Abby became a step-mom. From there, Abby and Beth adopted their other children. Abby works full time in a job that provides her the opportunity to travel to other states. Outside of work, Abby is passionate about foster-care reform, social justice and knitting.
imposter mom

I Feel Like an Imposter Mom

For as long as I can remember I’ve never felt good enough. I've felt like an imposter mom. I’ve always felt like I would be “discovered” as fake. In graduate school I learned about imposter...

Back to School Shopping for Kids Who Crave Sensory Input

Back to School Shopping for Kids with Sensory Needs  Every year, I get excited for back to school shopping. There’s something about new pencils, notebooks, and clothes that I find refreshing and exhilarating. The start...
ear tube

Ear Tube Surgeries: Tips and Tricks from Moms

Between my three children, we’ve had four ear tube surgeries. When our oldest son needed ear tubes, we were terrified. The prospect of our almost two-year-old undergoing surgery was overwhelming. It was our first...

The Media Is a Challenge for an Adoptive Family

As an adoptive family, the media provides unexpected, unique challenges for us that other families might never notice. There are so many examples of words or situations in the media that could be hurtful...
tough school year

Surviving a Tough School Year

There were three suspensions, several behavior plans, and countless tears, but we ended up surviving a tough school year. Six weeks into this school year, a phone call from the principal ended with, “He...
elephant and piggie

Five things I’ve learned from Elephant and Piggie 

Mo Willems is my hero. I think most life lessons can be learned by reading Willems. Our favorite books are the Elephant and Piggie series. These easy to read books have a simple, fun...

Adoption:: It’s Not My Story to Tell

“My little two are adopted from foster care…” This is a common phrase I utter. Lately, I’ve been questioning why I am so quick to tell people this deeply personal fact about my family. Would...

Football Helps My Son Find His Own Identity

  “Mama, mama, I want to play football!” This became a common request in our house. Every time my middle son asked, he got the same reply, “In our family, football isn’t an option. Pick a...

Adoption:: One Year Later

Before becoming a foster and then adoptive parent, I never realized how often I would feel conflicted about my kids' milestones. That the same event could bring profound happiness as well as deep sadness....

Adoption Gifts:: Practical Suggestions from Adoptive Parents

November is national adoption month! Hearing the gavel bang announcing a new, permanent family member is one of the most exciting sounds we’ve heard. It can take years for an adoption to be finalized and...