Amy is originally from Brookfield, but has found her home here in Milwaukee with her husband and her two boys. Amy is passionate about all things natural, and loves essential oils, growing her own food on her hobby farm, and making her own toxic-free products. Amy is both a mental health therapist specializing in trauma and also a high school youth minister. Amy and her her husband also founded and run Full Circle Healing, a non-profit dedicated to healing of mind, body, spirit and community. Amy hopes to raise her littles to be passionate, kind and to make the world a more socially just and loving place to live.

How I am Learning to be an Ally for my Children of Color

Learning to be an Ally for my Children of Color After my husband and I got engaged, someone close to me said something along the lines of “you aren’t thinking about your future kids. Don’t...

Grief Almost Ended My Marriage

How Grief almost ended my marriage Almost four years ago, my husband and I were constantly fighting. The smallest things would end up being the biggest fight. We were exhausted from arguing, and our marriage...

Mom is sorry: Why I apologize to my kids

I apologize because I am sorry. I have had to apologize more than ever while we are stuck at home. We are stuck in the house. For the 100th time today, my almost-five-year-old whines about not being...