toddler sports

Toddlers and Team Sports

Team sports give me anxiety. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a huge fan and love attending numerous sporting events throughout the year. I lived for football game days during college, and get excited about...

The Easiest Pumpkin Cake Ever

Baked goods bring me such joy - the smells, the tastes, all the happy faces when a cake appears at the table. Sadly, though, I am not the best baker. I will happily devour...

What I Need in a Mom Friend

There we are. Four moms sitting on picnic blankets under the warm summer sun, bags packed with freshly cut apples and nut-free whatever, sipping fair-trade-coffee-frothy goodness, our well-dressed toddler children frolicking in the grass...

The Real Reason I Don’t Want My Kids to Grow Up

If you are a parent, you have likely heard “you’re going to miss this” during the course of your child’s life. Changing diapers. Rocking chair sessions at night. First days of school. Learning to...

I Don’t Have Time for That

Remember when you wanted to fast-forward a cassette tape and it made that screechy-scratchy sound? This season of my life is flying by that fast--so quickly that sometimes all I hear is the noise....

Advice for a Happier Holiday Season

As I look at my calendar for the remainder of the year, I see nearly every weekend is filled. From Saturdays spent cheering from the stands while my husband coaches to weddings to birthday...

Feeling Like a Fraud

If you check out the “About Me” under any of my posts, you'll see growing up in the south is one of the first things I mention. I cherished my time in Georgia, where...

Living A Gray Life

I love the color gray. It is the perfect balance of dark and light, old and new. It is me. I'm gray. There are plenty of negative connotations associated with gray. Physically, it can be a...

A Clear Conscience About Our Cleaning Service

My day typically starts at 5:00am. The time is strategic: any earlier and I miss out on much-needed sleep; any later and I risk showering with my toddler son sitting on the floor, asking...

A Morning Person Who Hates Mornings

I never set an alarm as a child. We were the type of family that woke up early, ate breakfast and got to work — playing outside, reading, chores. It all started when the sun...