Cara is a Chicago transplant who fell in love twice during her time at Marquette once with her college sweetheart, TJ, and the other with the city of Milwaukee. She now resides in Waukesha with a small army of her creation, Rayce (5), Griffin (3) and one-year old twins, Francesca and Luna. When she's not working or covered in children, Cara enjoys cooking, running, listening to true-crime podcasts, and participating in a good Netflix binge with her hubby.

5 Lessons Yoga has Taught me about Motherhood

After diagnosing me with a postpartum mood disorder, my physician “prescribed” taking time for myself as part of my treatment plan. Having been a competitive athlete in my younger years, I always found that...

Mama Runs a Marathon: A Beginners Guide to Training for a Race

With the rise in popularity of the film Brittany Runs a Marathon I've heard many of my non-runner friends say that they were inspired enough by Brittany O'Neill's story that they wanted to take...

Making the Most Out of the Holidays in Downtown Milwaukee

This post is brought to you by our friends at Milwaukee Downtown. Milwaukee Downtown leads and inspires believers in Milwaukee to engage in efforts that build Downtown as the thriving, sustainable, innovative, and vibrant heart...

The NICU Took Away the Moment I Dreamed About

I am a four time-NICU mom. It's a badge that I never thought that I would wear, and it is one that I am reminded of often as I scroll through my social media...
Au Pair

An Au Pair Can Be Childcare That Feels Like Family

If you would have told me five years ago that I would be an Au Pair host mom, I would have scoffed at the thought. Like many of you, I’m sure, I had this vision...

My Big Family Isn’t a Nightmare:: How Your Words Affect My Children

When we go out as a family, we rarely make it more than a few minutes without attracting the attention of strangers. With a five year old, three year old, and twin one year...