Vacation Anyone?? Airbnb to the Rescue!

When it was just the two of us, my husband and I loved staying in fancy hotels close to downtown and the nightlife. Although most of the hotels were usually very small, it worked...

What I Didn’t Expect to Happen During My Second Pregnancy

The moment I saw those two little lines on a pregnancy test I knew my life was about to change! I was so thrilled that we would be adding another child to our family...

My 30s Bucket List

I am turning 30 this year, and I am truly looking forward to it. As my thirtieth birthday approaches, I can’t help but reflect on the last decade of my life. I have gone...

Shared Calendar: The Key to Family Organization

Do you ever feel like your calendar is crazy, your to-do-list is a million items long, and it’s hard to keep track of everything going on? That is definitely the case for me…between my job,...

I’m the Mom Who Always Uses Her Vacation Days

I read an article by Forbes that states, "only 47% of Americans are using half of their vacation time, and 21% leave more than five days on the table." Honestly I was really surprised...

I Don’t Watch the Game on Football Sunday

Wisconsin is known for a few things: beer, cheese and, most importantly, sports! A lot of my friends, family, and the biggest fan of all (my husband) look forward to watching football on Sunday....

Anxiety Happened to Me

I’ve heard of people suffering from postpartum anxiety, but I never thought it was something I would personally struggle with. Ever since my son was born, I’ve been a little nervous about pretty much everything....

Motherhood Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely

No one told me motherhood could be so lonely at times. While I was still pregnant, I had a vision of what motherhood would be and I couldn’t wait until my son was born. It...

I Stopped Putting Work First

After I returned to work from maternity leave, the plan was to work full time until further notice. As the weeks went on, the stress of balancing work and home life became almost unbearable....

I Choose My Son Over My Mother

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what happens when those you love the most aren’t there for you? What happens when those you love choose addiction over their own...