Dave is a dad, husband, freelance copyeditor and improv comic. You can hire him to edit your book during the week, and you can see him perform at ComedySportz on the weekends. If you run into Dave around Bay View, feel free to buy him a cup of strong coffee and ask him for his opinion on any grammar issue. Dave enjoys cooking nutritious dinners that his two adorable children sometimes eat.

A Nut-Free Halloween Is Easier Than You Think

Our son is allergic to peanuts and walnuts, so we’re a nut-free house, and a nut-free Halloween can be tough. When I say he’s allergic to peanut and walnuts, I don’t mean he would...

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers: A Minor Change of Pace

  The first summer that I took my son to a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game was 2013, and I haven’t shut up about it since. It’s an affordable, family-friendly day trip, and we try to...

Why You Should Get a Vasectomy and What to Expect

Get a vasectomy. Yes, you. OK, maybe you should ask yourself some questions first. Are you and your partner done having kids? Do you and your partner plan to continue being intimate? Do you want...

Healthy Masculinity: What This Dad Learned From a 38-Year-Old Movie

We hear quite a bit about toxic masculinity these days, but we don’t seem to hear much about healthy masculinity. In fact, we hear the words “toxic” and “masculinity” used together so often that...

Let’s Praise Moms the Way We Praise Dads

In a perfect world, we’d praise moms every day for all they do. I’m a dad, and I get praised everywhere I go for fairly basic stuff. For instance, I was once commended for...

A Food Allergy Parent’s Requests

May 10-16 is Food Allergy Awareness Week. As a food allergy parent, I’d like to share some requests with the non-allergy families out there. Please know, I’m not going to ask anyone to rearrange their...

A Message to Parents During Self-Quarantine

I have a message to the parents at home, in self-quarantine with their kids during the COVID-19 crisis. I’ll divide you into two groups: moms and dads. Moms: You’re doing great. That color-coded chart you...

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Dads love getting gifts for Valentine’s Day. I know this because I’m a dad myself, and I’m always happy to get a gift from my wife and kids. Whether you’re shopping for a gift...

Parenting Is Gross

Parenting is gross. The poop, the pee, the boogers, the vomit. Gross. You don’t fully understand how gross parenting is until you’re knee-deep in it, but I did get a preview a couple of years...

Let’s Encourage Funny Girls

My six-year-old daughter is a funny girl. She makes silly faces, she does wacky voices, she improvises goofy songs. She learned a knock-knock joke recently and told it to me during breakfast one morning....