emotional intelligence

My Parenting Platform: Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

What aspect of parenting do you research endlessly? Fight to nurture in your children tirelessly? Think back on the last week. What were the most rewarding moments with your child? What did they say or...

The Power of Pulling an {Occasional} All-Nighter

Pre-plan, over-plan, and never at the 11th hour. Deliver on time or ahead of time. This was my game and I played it well. In college, I never stayed up all night finishing a paper or...

72 Hours Alone: Tales of My “Mom-cation”

He kissed me goodbye, looked me square in the eye, and said: Promise me you will be good to yourself? And limit the TV bingeing, okay? Off they went, 2/3 of my team, my everything, embarking...

Finding My “Mom Calm”

I’m a good Mom, and I need some help being the Mom I want to be. 5-4-3-2-1… “Let’s countdown to CALM down…5-4-3....” I sing. Usually, this works, but not today. “NO!” my daughter screams, interrupting my Daniel Tiger...

My {Fake} Clean House

It’s not what I pictured, but I feel at peace. It's another way to let go a little, but not completely — fake cleaning. Our home is good enough (read: clean enough) for what it’s for. It...

Learning to Let Go….Already?

She’s only three, but already she is three. But she is our only. Maybe it’s time for us to loosen our grip. It won’t be time to let go in the BIG ways for a while,...

The Gifts of the Mothers Before Me

In the hallway of our home hangs a note from my Grandma Ann. Reserved and preserved to celebrate an occasion in my life, it was carefully tucked away along with a handmade gift.  My special...

My Work Life Isn’t Working

Will it ever feel like this Parent + Professional Life is working? For me, returning to work when my daughter was born was the easy part. It was being apart during the toddler years that was hard. Every...

Love Yourself Well

One of my favorite podcast hosts recently posed an interesting question: “How are you celebrating you today?" I love this concept. We seem comfortable straining, striving, and pushing ahead, but what about stopping for a...