A resident of Wisconsin since 2012, Gina grew up in California but has always felt at home in the Midwest, having spent many childhood holidays goofing off with cousins and extended family in the Chicago area. Gina met her husband Kevin at the University of Notre Dame, where she studied marketing and German and played trumpet in the marching band. They have two daughters, Julia (7 years) and Lily (6 years). Gina has a background in fundraising and enjoys collaborating on community projects, training for sprint triathlons, and fueling her writing pursuits with large amounts of coffee and chocolate. You can find some of her caffeinated ramblings at Love Hope and Coffee.

Surviving the Tantrum Hangover

When it comes to tantrums, parents are like seismologists: we’re intimately familiar with what may trigger an outburst in our kids, and we can often predict down to the second when our little darlings...

Dear Kids, Life Isn’t Fair

If you asked me to recall the moment in my childhood when I realized life was unfair, I'd have to point to The Wishbone Incident. Growing up, whenever my family had roast chicken for dinner,...

The Things My Kids Fight About

"Will you two please just stop fighting?!?" Some days, my kids argue so much that I've considered recording myself saying these words on repeat. Irritating as my kids' fighting is, it's also bittersweet because it reminds me...

Five Things I Won’t Stop Doing for My Kids

"Stop doing these 17 things for your kids right now, or you'll fail to raise independent, successful human beings!" Parents have been inundated with these types of articles lately, and I'll be the first to admit...

Ronald McDonald House: Keeping Families Close

Having a loved one hospitalized for a serious health issue can be a disorienting, stressful and scary experience. If medical care is located far from home, staying close and being together as the patient recovers...

Breast Cancer Awareness Series :: Finding Support

When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was a sophomore in college. After absorbing the shock of the news, I put myself on auto-pilot, diving back into the demands and familiar routine of...

Milwaukee Mom Me Time :: Two Hours in Mequon and Cedarburg

We've been sharing our favorite activities to do both with and without kids if you find yourself with an extra 2 hours to kill in some of our favorite Milwaukee area neighborhoods. We've visited...

Milwaukee Area Pumpkin Patches and Orchards

When the leaves start to change and the air turns crisp, my family loves to welcome the fall season by visiting local pumpkin patches and orchards. Below are some of our favorite places to find the perfect...

Friendships and Conflicts: Supporting our Daughters in the Early Years

Earlier this year, my seven-year-old daughter came home from school in a sour mood. “My best friend wouldn’t play with me at recess today,” she reported glumly. “She only wanted to play with this...

Why I Stopped Explaining My Daughter’s Size

My five-year-old daughter will start kindergarten in September. This fact elicits plenty of responses from people who don’t know her well. “Really? Kindergarten?” “But she’s so tiny!” “Wow, she is small for her age. My son/daughter/cousin/grandchild starting...