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Boozy Milkshake feature

Delightful, Delicious and Dairy-free Boozy Milkshake Recipes

  This post is sponsored by Hudsonville Ice Cream. Hudsonville Ice Cream is about more than just ice cream. For them, it’s all about making life a little sweeter. It’s about the feeling you get,...

American Girl Dolls Rule Our House (And How We Keep AG Costs Low)

  American Girl dolls have become one of my daughters’ go-to toys for several years now – and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve been an American Girl house for four years. Unlike the girls’ (usually...

Milwaukee Area Breast Cancer Support Guide

Breast Cancer is a scary diagnosis — for the patient and for the friends and family members who are suddenly thrust into a support network role. It can be overwhelming, to say the least. We...

A Real Guide to Dealing with Lice

My husband and I were enjoying a quiet date night when we got the call: a neighbor found lice in our daughter's hair. Nothing ends a peaceful dinner faster than that news. Immediately, I panicked....

Our ‘No Sports’ House and Why I’m OK with That

“What sports is your son playing this summer?” The question caught me off-guard. I just met this woman, and we were at dinner with some mutual friends. “Um…none,” I said. She laughed. “I’m sure there’s something –...

Dinnertime Is the Best Time

Our household runs on rules. And while I am getting better at relaxing many of my rules, there’s one that I will not budge on: family dinnertime. Eating dinner together is mandatory in my house....

Love Letter to My Instant Pot

My dearest magical appliance: the Instant Pot, I owe you a huge thank you. You’ve been part of our lives- part of our family- for a year now, and I can’t imagine life without you. Sure,...

Turning Back the Clock with Bonness Skincare

This post is sponsored by Bonness Skincare. All opinions and experiences are our own and we truly enjoy getting to tell our community of readers about businesses and services we love!  Hi! I'm Jackie, MKE...

What I’ve Learned about Kids and Grief

Grief is its own special kind of monster, especially for kids. I'm not a therapist or medical professional, but I am a mom to two kids who've experienced more loss and changes in their...

The End to the Argument “What Kind of Parenting is Harder”

Momming is hard. It’s an underappreciated, underpaid, and understaffed position with benefits in the form of cuddles and kisses, precocious smiles, high-pitched giggles, scraped knees, dirty kitchen tables, and endless laundry. It’s also one of...