Grammar geek. Cancer survivor. Caffeine junkie. Obsessed with gift wrapping and Pinterest. Hoarder of vacuum cleaners. Pop culture fanatic. Mom to four kiddos. Lover of all things related to home and office organization. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Letting Go: Revisiting House “Rules”

“You know when you have too many games downloaded on your tablet, and you need to delete some of them to free up space? That’s like your rules. There are too many.” My daughter’s comment...

Breast Cancer and Boudoir Photos

The first time I posed in my bra and panties I giggled at the absurdity of standing nearly naked in front of a stranger who was taking my photo. The second time, I felt...

Things Moms Do Not Want to Wake Up To

Mornings are hard anyway, but as a new family of six (!), routines are being altered as we adjust to having doubled our household size. But over the last month, there have been several...

Working Moms :: Choosing Time Over Money

I moved to Milwaukee in November 2011 for an incredible career opportunity. I was working at a company I liked with an amazingly smart team. It seemed like a good professional step. And, the money....

Kyle’s Korner :: Helping Milwaukee’s Grieving Families

Through the month of November, our writing team is pleased to highlight the numerous resources and organizations they are passionate about, in an effort to celebrate a season of thankfulness and inspire our readers...

4 Ways to Help a Friend with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is scary – for the patient, and for her family and friends. As a loved one, you want to help, but maybe you don't know how. As a breast cancer survivor, I'm often...

Breast Cancer :: My Story

Note: this is my experience. Everyone has a different cancer story and experience. Treatments vary person to person. Check with your doctor or medical professional for what’s best for you and your condition. I found...

Hair Lessons from a Bald Mom and Breast Cancer Survivor

My hair was shoulder length when I shaved my head in January 2015. I watched in the mirror as the brown, curly ringlets fell on my lap and the floor. I didn’t cry until...

Cancer Took Away My Fertility

I was scrolling through Facebook last week when I came upon a photo of a friend’s beautiful new baby boy. “Holy moly,” I thought, as I “liked” her photo and suddenly became very sad. “I’ll...

My Son, My Sous Chef

I love to cook. But kitchen time is MY time. I send the kids off to another room to play (or use their electronic devices, if I really want them to stay away), and...