Kate is a former high school math teacher and the stay-at-home mom of Bug (August 2013), Ladybug (August 2015), and Honeybee (November 2018). She lives in the North Shore with her husband and college sweetheart, Luke. She began writing after a postpartum diagnosis of OCD. Kate writes about parenting, stigma-fighting, and life with a mental illness at Mommy Has OCD

His Full-Time Job Doesn’t Make Him a Part-Time Parent

I didn't realize it at the time, but my dad wasn't like the stereotypical 80's-90's dad. When I was really young, my father worked first shift and my mother worked second or third. This...

My Next Postpartum Needs

Honey, I never thought, especially after my last postpartum experience, that I would be open to getting pregnant again. But here we are, trying for another baby. Before we start this journey, however, I want...

How to Pretend You Have It All Together

The other day, a  friend of mine said she was  impressed by how "together"  I was.  Me? Together? Thank goodness this conversation was taking place over text because I laughed at the thought....

I Don’t Speak My Kid’s Love Language

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably at least heard of the "love languages." I'll admit, I didn't know what they were until my mom group had a speaker come in to...

The Day Facebook Gave Me a Village

If you've read my other posts, you know that I struggled in the postpartum period. I mean. I really struggled. And, being an overtime mom, I had a lot of time alone with my kids. That...

Our Favorite Milwaukee Fall Festivals

Fall is so beautiful in Wisconsin, the colors pop making our city come alive! And guess what? Here in the 414, we don’t let the cooler temps keep us from throwing a party or two so...

Milwaukee Irish Fest :: A Quick Guide for Families

I first started going to Irish Fest with my family, before I was married. Two kids later, I think I've got it down. Here are my tips to make the most of my favorite...

Mom’s Summer Survival Kit

I’m now like a whole five minutes into this summer vacation thing and I know one thing for sure. School is amazing. This is my first time doing a summer vacation as a mom. (My oldest...

Milwaukee Area Pools, Splash-Pads & Beaches

It seemed as though summer would never get here, but it has finally arrived and I just can't wait to get my kiddos into the water! So, I asked my friends to give me...

What Postpartum Stole From Me

Postpartum is a sadistic jerk. (Believe it or not, that’s me toning it down for polite audiences). Now that I’m nearing a year on the other side of it, and TimeHop is showing me photos...