Kate is a former high school math teacher and the stay-at-home mom of Bug (August 2013), Ladybug (August 2015), and Honeybee (November 2018). She lives in the North Shore with her husband and college sweetheart, Luke. She began writing after a postpartum diagnosis of OCD. Kate writes about parenting, stigma-fighting, and life with a mental illness at Mommy Has OCD

I’m Not Sad to Send my Son to Kindergarten

The other day, at school packet pickup, a mom tried to reassure me, saying at least I had my baby still at home to make sending my firstborn to school a little easier on me....
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A Letter to My Children from the Psychiatric Ward

Author's note: On October 16, 2015, I admitted myself for inpatient psychiatric treatment. Although it is now apparent that I have had Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder my entire life, I was, at the time, undiagnosed. I...

A Letter to My Son :: Don’t Be That Guy

At MKE Moms Blog, we love presenting a variety of perspectives, sharing authentic stories and encouraging our readers. We're not here to cause controversy or incite unnecessary debate, and because of that, we often do...

When Postpartum Gets Scary

I know the moment my life stopped, because it is written in my daughter's newborn journal. I had finished up a nursing session just before 4am on October 16 and the thoughts just got too...

Milwaukee Pools, Splash Pads and Beaches

It seemed as though summer would never get here, but it has finally arrived and I just can't wait to get my kiddos into the water! So, I asked my friends to give me...

Having Children Isn’t Selfish of Me

One day, I was part of a Twitter chat in the OCD community that centered on having — or not having — children. So many people seemed to think it would be selfish of them...

Rock the Mom Vote

Today is the spring primary election for Wisconsin. I will be voting on candidates for the state supreme court, numerous county and municipal judges, a county supervisor, school board members, a village trustee, and a...