Tips and Tools of a Busy Mom

I am a busy mom.  The mom job description evidently always starts with "ability to multi-task required." There is not a mom on the planet who doesn't feel overwhelmed and overworked, regardless of the number...

Santa IS Real

In our house Santa Claus is very real. I know a lot of parents struggle with what they should tell their children about Santa; for some it is a matter of why they celebrate Christmas,...

Skating Does a Mama Good

As children we often pursue a sport or a passion that becomes a part of our identity. Maybe we are a gamer, or a swimmer, perhaps a skateboarder. I am a figure skater.   I skated competitively...

More than Just Food

I love good quality food. I love food direct from the source, cultivated by local growers and sold at farmer's markets. I love food that’s organic, free of GMOS, pesticides, dyes, and the list...

The Mom Date :: Making Mom Friends

Meeting mom friends is an awful lot like dating. You have to have the right social situation to meet, you have to be open and friendly, have good topics to chat about, and be available....

My Motherhood Journey :: Advanced Maternal Age, Secondary Infertility and IVF

I’m an “old” mother.  I didn’t have my first child until I was 38 years old.  As the doctors say, I’m of “advanced maternal age.” Despite my advanced status, I never expected to have problems...

Where’s the Diversity?

My family and I are relatively new to Milwaukee.  My husband, two children and I moved here from Chicago last May to be exact.  I’m a very happy city dweller who loves the sights...