Lindsay is a lifelong Wisconsinite living in Wauwatosa with her husband, two children (Ingrid and Louie) and dog (Harper). She finds happiness on her yoga mat and baking in the kitchen. Lindsay loves exploring the city, believes in to-do lists and that camping isn’t complete without an air mattress. She is excited to be a contributor to the MkeMB team and blogs her story at www.happybydesignparenting.com.

Five Ways to Invest in Yourself this Fall

After I signed my daughter up for swimming and dance; I thought to myself "I want to take a class!" After the internal wrestle to balance budgets, family time and self care, I did find...
Cranberry Eggnog Scones

Cranberry Eggnog Scones

These cranberry eggnog scones are perfect for ushering in the holiday season! They use festive ingredients like eggnog and cranberries and pair nicely with coffee in the morning or tea in the afternoon. Or...

This is My First Time and I’m Trying.

Do you watch This is Us? This quote from a father to his son last season really hit home and I've been thinking about it a lot during daily interactions with my two kids. "I...

Working Moms :: Brookfield Lunch Spots

Working outside of the home has its advantages (and disadvantages). One silver lining is the flexibility to run errands and enjoy quiet peaceful lunches. It's a little mid-week luxury to run into stores or...

Working Mom, Default Parent

The topics of working outside of the home and motherhood are both natural roles for me, as they are for a lot of moms. When I daydream and look into the future, I see...

Six Books to Read This Winter

In my head, I picture myself curled up in a big bedroom armchair, reading novels for hours while the snow lightly falls outside. All is quiet and no one needs snack refills. In reality, the...
yogurt pound cake

Yogurt Cake Recipe :: Kids and Food

My husband and my daughter are two peas in a pod. Yet I shouldn't be surprised when they created this yogurt cake recipe. They both love to tinker with art projects and organize. She'll make...

Set Boundaries to Reclaim Your Schedule

And as dramatic as it may sound, I hardly recognized my current schedule or myself. Since when did I regularly wake up late, work over the lunch hour, come home late and then "fires...

Four Reasons to Love the Four-Year Age Gap

When meeting a new co-worker, acquaintance or mom at the park, we typically exchange "mom stats." Mine sound something like this: "Born and raised Wisconsinite, studied and met my best friends at UW Eau...

Milwaukee Mom and Kids Time:: Two Hours in Tosa

When I lived in Bay View, I didn't truly understand why people made a big fuss about Wauwatosa. Sure, the quaint yards and small businesses are nice but I didn't understand how people loved Tosa with...