Lisa was born and raised in Milwaukee. She and her husband now raise their three children (15, 13 & 3) there, too. Lisa works with children and families in a daycare center at a local college. When Lisa isn't surrounded with children (which isn't often), she likes to read and attempt yoga. Lisa lives off of coffee, Pepsi and tacos. She is a self proclaimed introvert, but around the right people, she can't stop talking.

How to Pick a Quality Childcare Center

Picking out a childcare center for your child can be both terrifying and intimidating. From my 16 years experience as a childcare teacher, I'm going to give you some helpful tips to pick a...

Four Fun Ways to Celebrate Black History Month with Kids

No matter what shades of skin make up the family in your home, Black History Month is for you! February is a month when a concentrated effort is made to celebrate people of color and the...
teenage girl

Parenting a Teenage Girl Is Harder Than I Imagined

When I was pregnant, I was super excited to find out that I was having a girl! I would think about all the cute little outfits to buy, the headbands, etc. I remember thinking...