Maggie is a life-long Milwaukeean whose life is a balancing act of growing a business and making messes in the kitchen with her daughters. Maggie wants to be Ina Garten when she grows up. She attributes her ability to parent to her awesome husband who is a true partner that lets her nap on the weekends. Ah, the real good life. Isn’t it amazing?
Girls' Nap

Our Priceless Tradition – Girls’ Nap

Let me start by saying my husband and I got a king-sized bed because we are the kind of people that don’t want to be touched when they sleep. Do NOT get your cold...
What to do when life is overwhelming

When It All Seems Too Much, There Are Ways to See Through

Breaking news – It’s a heavy time to be alive. Sometimes it all seems too much. Fingers crossed that you are in the same great place I am as I write this. My family is...

How to Parent Your Parents

There comes a point in almost every young or middle-aged person’s life when you find you need to learn how to parent your parents. Suddenly, you are the responsible party. For some, it happens...
Summertime Date Night At Home

Warm Weather Date Night Idea :: Backyard and Grill

It was another beautiful warm weather Saturday. The girls (and the chirpy birds outside) got us up early but that was okay. We had a whole day to play! After a quick run, we...
Momboss Taking Care of Business

What Exactly is a #MomBoss?

Friends were recently discussing what actually is a #Momboss. What exactly qualifies someone to acquire that particular hashtag moniker?  I had a general understanding, but on a recent night, it hit me....... I think I am...
Being A Sister is the Coolest!

A Letter to My Mommy, from a New Big Sister

Author’s Note: Last year I wrote a letter to my (at the time, only) daughter right before her little sister came on the scene. It took a year to get a response. I think she...

In Defense of the Man Cold

You may not win any awards for parenting, nor will you get to spend the whole day with your feet up and Days of Our Lives on TV, but there are ways to make sure the whole family makes it through the worst of your illness.
At Home Date Night

A Menu for Date Night At Home

Remember when a special date night took all day, all night, and sometimes the next day, too? You'd spend the whole afternoon primping or leisurely relaxing for what would surely be an all night...
How to freeze rice feature image

How to Freeze Rice :: A Kitchen Quick Tip To Save Time

How do you freeze rice? You're lucky because we've asked the same questions. Our inspired contributor, Maggie Joos, has the answers! Keep reading to uncover the secret to freezing rices. When we think about easy...

Little Sprouts Play Café Saves The Day

At the beginning of another long, cold Milwaukee winter it is easy to wonder how are we going to keep the kiddos busy. Without access to swing sets, sandy beaches, or bike rides outside,...