Born, raised and raising in Milwaukee, Mandy runs on faith, Diet Coke and to-do lists. She and her Jersey boy of 13 years, Blake, are parents to the handsomest of handfuls (Cristian, 11). Armed with her Sicilian mother's sarcasm and Mexican father's temper, her Type A(-) personality is always trying to make the pieces of her puzzle fit. She is passionate about body positivity and special needs and hand-stamps jewelry to release her creativity (and aggression). Mandy could always use a margarita and a nap, and is constantly trying to figure out how to make the two happen simultaneously.

Multi-Generational Living: Embracing the Togetherness and Chaos

Whenever I explain to someone that our family has multi-generational living situation, I always get one of two responses. "I could never do that!" or "I wish I could do that!" Multi-generational living is a polarizing...

An Open Letter to My Hidden Depression

To My Depression: Most days I don’t even realize you’re there. I pop a pill and a half each morning and go about my business leaving you in the dust. Our paths cease to meet and...

Self-Esteem Tips:: A Challenge for the Whole Family

We all can benefit from self-esteem tips. Defined as “what we think, feel, and believe about ourselves,” self-esteem is the foundation we need to build upon on our journey to self-acceptance. Self-esteem tips can, quite...

Removing Diet Culture One Plate at a Time

I teach my son not to be a bully, but I need to practice what I preach. I never realized that I was a bully until he called me out for how I spoke...

Lucky to Have My Dad, My Hero in Blue

I have noticed as I've gotten older that I'm a lot like my father. I am selfless and caring with a heart bigger than most. I am also impatient and impulsive with a temper...
wear a swimsuit

The Best Way to Wear a Swimsuit

It’s swimsuit season! Did you roll your eyes or groan aloud? I bet you did. Know you are not alone in your disdain in the time to wear a swimsuit. It’s absolutely amazing how such...

What’s Your Type? :: Enneagram Basics and Resources

Do you know your Enneagram Type? Whether it’s on Buzzfeed or the plethora of tests made available via social media, I’m a sucker for self-identifying tools. It’s been that way since the days of my...

Fighting for Air :: Why I Climb Thousands of Stairs On Purpose

The U.S. Bank Center is synonymous with downtown Milwaukee. It climbs to the top of our skyline, as it’s the tallest building in not only our city, but the whole state of Wisconsin. If...
reward stickers

Reward Stickers for Moms

Why do kids get all of the good stuff? Like naps. And zero judgement for their lunch choices (though I'm still fairly certain that a pizza Lunchable is an appropriate lunch for an adult). Kids...

The Resolution Revolution

I’m done making New Year’s Resolutions. There, I said it. I’m done making a grandiose list of (very specific) things I want to complete in 365 days’ time. Whether it is reading a certain amount...