Megan Olson is a Milwaukee native and currently lives in East Tosa with her husband, Matt, and two sons, Callum and August, and two adorable pups, Jax and George. She loves being active, especially running, and is passionate about encouraging an active lifestyle in her family. She will never turn down a cup of coffee or a piece of birthday cake. Her interests also include photography, cooking, writing, rummage sales, and cheering on the Brewers. During her free time, she will most likely be found binging a Netflix series, hanging out with friends, or volunteering with a local dog rescue, Tailwaggers 911. You can find her blogging over at Expecting the Unexpected.

The Bittersweetness of Father’s Day

For me, Father's Day is a tough one. I spend the day celebrating the father that my son is so lucky to have, while mourning the father that was taken from me way too soon. Each...

Five Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Milwaukee for FREE

My husband and I always joke around my need to always be doing something.  I'm the type of person who thrives on being busy. Combine that with my serious case of FOMO, and you've...

A Mom’s Guide to Snapchat

The first time I heard about Snapchat, it was the app that would make your naked selfies disappear. Just what every mom needs, amiright? Totally kidding. I thought it was a clever idea, but I...

St. Patrick’s Day Events in Milwaukee

St. Patrick's Day in Milwaukee is one of my favorite times of the year. Parades and dancing, corned beef and story times, there's no shortage of family-friendly St. Paddy's Day events in the area, and...

Why Running Makes Me a Better Mom

I know, I know. You either love it or you hate it. Running, and exercise in general, are very polarizing subjects. There was a time when running wasn't my thing. In fact, pretty sure I...

Apps for Toddlers that Save the Day

Before my son was born, I swore over and over again to the parenting gods that it would be years before we introduced him to screen time. Books, puzzles, and other educational games would...

How Breastfeeding Worked for Us (sort of)

Editor's Note: Earlier this week, we shared a contributor piece about why her unique parenting experience was not conducive to breastfeeding. Today's post is about how a different contributor made breastfeeding work for her family despite...

A Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions

Instead of focusing on those pesky five pounds gained over the holidays or my ridiculously disorganized bedroom closet, I'd like to channel all my resolution efforts in to being the best mom I can be. Here are...

Seeing the World Through a Toddler’s Eyes

See this train? This stupid train. I used to despise this train. No. Hate it. I hated this train. These train tracks are just a few blocks away from my house, and I have to drive...

Teaching Kids About Gratitude

My kid has it pretty good. As the firstborn and the first grandkid on both my side and my husband's, Callum has been showered with love, attention, and a ridiculous amount of gifts since he was in...