Megz is a Midwest transplant from the Central Coast of CA. She lives in Muskego with her husband and their 4 young girls. Prior to being a SAHM, she was a nurse for 6 years. She’s a black-coffee drinker, shampoo-dealer, introvert, homebody, and green/ healthy living enthusiast, but above all things, she’s a true believer in faith. Her days are filled with gardening (all year long), caring for her family, managing her businesses, and loving on all her people. Radiate positivity and make her laugh… she’ll be your friend forever. The 2 things she loves most about living in WI is experiencing all 4 seasons and being around the friendliest people. The hardest thing? Probably being lactose intolerant and living in dairy land.

To Love Him Is To Accept Him And His Kids As A Whole.

To Love Him Is To Love His Kids Unconditionally. As I had entered adulthood and the dating scene many years ago, I had created a list of criteria that I felt was what I wanted...