I am a Nebraska girl who more recently put down roots here in Milwaukee. I spend my weeks working with ELL refugee middle school students and relaxing with my husband and son. I enjoy being outdoors when the weather permits and getting cozy on the couch with a book when it doesn't. I am newer to this city but love every day that I get to learn and dive deeper into its beauty.
MMA Toddler

Raising an MMA Toddler

I knew that raising a toddler with my MMA fighter husband could pose some interesting challenges. In his first year of life, my son and I spent many hours watching jiu-jitsu practices, kickboxing classes,...

You Know That’s Dangerous Right?

You know that’s dangerous, right? I don’t even know if I should put a question mark at the end of this statement because when it is said to me (in the context of my parenting)...

Teacher Mom :: My Thoughts on Online Learning during Social Distancing

As a teacher and a mom, I have been very conflicted about my thoughts on this new forced online learning. I feel pulled in so many directions on what is “best” for our kids...

Video chatting :: How we Stay Connected

  Video chatting is single-handedly making it possible for my son to have amazing relationships with my family. My husband and I moved to Wisconsin about four years ago.  He is originally from Texas, and...

Your Comments about my Son are Microaggressions

Your Comments about my Son are Microaggressions. Your comments about my son are microaggressions. The way you compliment his appearance is layered with indirect discrimination. The conversations all usually start the same. It starts with...

Rediscovering my Love for the Library

I am rediscovering my love for the library. I remember being so excited as a child for the weekend trips to the library. My mom, sisters, and I would file into the minivan and after...

Raising a Risk-Taking Toddler

I am raising a risk-taking toddler. My son becoming a risk-taking toddler did not happen intentionally, but here we are at eighteen months with a child who will climb and jump off of anything...
middle schoolers

What Middle Schoolers Are Saying That Parents Need to Know

Middle schoolers often get a bad rap. They are seen as one of the toughest groups to work with and rightfully so. This group has to navigate a world where they are not kids...
real food

Figuring Out “Real” Food After Breastmilk

The Challenge of Real Food I thought the first year of pumping and breastfeeding was difficult, but a whole new challenge has presented itself. I now have a one year old who eats "real" food,...

I Survived a Year of Pumping :: One Mother’s Experience

The Year of Pumping started just days after having my son. I was still in the hospital and the different staff who came into my room encouraged me to start pumping. My doctor had...