Originally from California, Sally hopped between Boston, New York City and Chicago before finally settling in Cedarburg this past summer with her Green Bay-native husband and their two young daughters. Prior to being a SAHM, Sally worked as a special education teacher in Chicago Public Schools. Nowadays, she is passionate about all things cooking and baking (she makes a mean egg-free sugar cookie!), and tries to find time to write on her food blog Sweet Peas and ABCs. She is still a teacher at heart and enjoys sharing her family’s food allergy journey to support and educate others.
Play Dates and Food Allergies

A Food Allergy Mom Tells How to Navigate a Play Date

My five year old daughter has a food allergy, and although it doesn’t define her, it is a big part of her life. Now that she's school-age, she’s starting to get more play date...
40 Healthy School Lunchbox Fillers

Packing School Lunches:: 40 Healthy School Lunchbox Fillers

It's that time of year again! Back to school. And for many moms and dads, it's back to packing school lunches....Cue the groans. I'm new to the game this year, with my oldest daughter entering...
Cold Snacks for Hot Summer Days

Cooking with Kids:: Three Cool Healthy Snacks for Hot Summer Days

It's finally summer! And it's gettin' hot out there! We need some cold, healthy snacks.... This California girl is no stranger to warm weather, but summers in the Midwest are a whole new ballgame. July...
Wisconsin Love

A Love Letter to Wisconsin

Dear Wisconsin, I've been admiring you from afar for years and I can't believe we're finally together. We've been here for eight months now, and I'm loving you more each day.  We're not total newbies (he's...