Sarah is a born and raised Milwaukee girl. After a short stint in San Diego, where she met her beach bum husband Ben, she is back and rooted in the midwest. It's only taken three-ish decades, but she has learned to embrace and actually enjoy the winters here. Montessori kindergarten teacher by trade, she has recently become a stay at home mom to her delightful daughter, Freya. Two slinky cats get free rent at the house too. Sarah teaches yoga around Milwaukee to a wide variety of clients and you can find her blogging at sarahsstories414.blog.
love advice from kids

Marriage Advice From Kindergarteners

Right before my wedding, my kindergarten classroom presented me with a book they made titled "Secrets for a Happy Marriage." With the help of our classroom assistant, they assembled a collection of purely authentic...

Fears of Motherhood

I didn't grow up dreaming of motherhood, and for a while, I constantly questioned my desire to have children. As I approached my thirties, I began to feel some ambivalence, along with a tsunami...

Everyday Magic

What do you want to be when you grow up? "A magician!" was always my answer. As a little girl, mystery and fantasy consistently fascinated me. I received a magic kit for Christmas one year, and...

Composting With Kiddos

Starting your own compost may sound daunting, but once you commit, I bet you won't regret it! Involving your children makes it even more fun. Not only will you save money and reduce waste,...

Making Your Child’s Birthday Special At School

Birthdays are an important and exciting milestone for children of all ages! Extending the fun to the school day can easily be done while still respecting the routines and rules. Once you have a birthday...

A Floor Bed Works for Us to Give Our Baby More Independence

As a Montessori educator, I have always been very intrigued by the Montessori philosophy for infants. Upon arrival of my daughter about a year ago, I was eager to begin to incorporate some of these...