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Healing after birth

I had my youngest child four years ago, but I am still healing from that pregnancy and birth. The entire time we are pregnant, there is a constant stream of healthcare, education, and support. But...

Parenting the Adult Child on the Spectrum

For 18 years, I was my son's number one person.  His mentor, his advocate, his comfort and his home. I interpreted him when his speech was unintelligible, I fought for him when he was wrongly...

I am a Hyphenated Mama

I was at the doctor recently and was being asked the typical "prove your identity" questions. The nurse asked me to spell my last name. “DWYER-OLSON” I dutifully replied. To which she snidely said,...

Parenting Without the Instruction Manual

I have always fallen more on the cuddly side of the parenting spectrum.  You know, you are either on the side of "tough love" or "over loving." It is actually an unfair gauge considering...

A Safe Word :: Giving Kids an Escape Route

Once upon a time, I was the kid who sought out mischief.  When summer comes around, the "schools out" mentality combined with all the festivals and sunshine mean lots of free time and for kids...

What My Daughter Has Taught Me

I often say that my daughter was born wearing nail polish and a tutu. With no guidance from me, she epitomized being a girl. I was 26 when she was born and had never...

Teenagers are Basically Tall Toddlers

There are very few differences between teenagers and toddlers. I know this because I have one of each and let me tell you it is tricky parenting terrain. Nothing is messier than a teenage girl,...

The Destruction of Distraction

I have become a very distracted person. I used to think it was the inevitable process of getting older. Aging. That process which eventually robs us of many things, physically and mentally. Or, is it...

Advocating for My Son Isn’t Difficult. Letting Go Is.

From the time he turned four, going literally anywhere was a terrifying experience. He would bolt from the car and climb a light pole or run to see something interesting on the opposite side...