Shann grew up in the Milwaukee area, but escaped briefly to attend school in Arizona. Missing her family and the Wisconsin weather, she returned to get her Master's Degree at Marquette University. Shann now is a boy mom to twins and a grade-schooler. When she's not buried under a pile of laundry, she's teaching ballet, volunteering at school, or writing on her blog.
adult friendships

Adult Friendships Are Hard for This Mom

As children, we learn friends are very important. Relationships and connections are just as important as we grow, however, adult friendships can be harder to maintain. Adulting, especially parenthood, comes with new responsibilities, priorities and...
Dance Mom: How to be the perfect partner

Dance Mom: Be the Best Partner

  I have a lot of experience with dance moms. Even though I don't have a dancer of my own, I grew up taking ballet, jazz, and tap. I wore countless sequined covered costumes, and...
Why your child should see the eye doctor

Eye Doctor: Why It’s Important for Your Child to See One

As parents, we schedule our children for a yearly wellness visit, and think nothing of it. We've all been taught how important preventative medicine is. Plus, it's important to see how much your child...
March for Babies

March for Babies:: The Reasons We Won’t Stop

Fundraising is hard. No matter what the cause or how important it is to you, asking for money from both friends and strangers is difficult to do. It is especially hard when you do...
rare is your reality TTTS

TTTS:: When Rare Is Your Reality

Complications during pregnancy are not always talked about. It's hard to think about things going wrong during what is supposed to be such a joyous time. During my second pregnancy, things did go wrong....
gyms with child care

Gyms with Child Care in the Milwaukee Area

Gyms with Child Care No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, finding time for yourself can be a challenge. However, that time is so important. How can you find that time, plus get...
slowing time

The Magical Art of Slowing Time Down

If you're anything like me, you catch yourself saying, "How is it already fall?" or "How did my kids get so big?" It seems like every year time goes faster and faster. One minute...

Old Mom:: How I’m Feeling and Dealing With This Stage

With another birthday just passing me by and the boys starting another year of school, I've been feeling my age lately. I've been feeling like an old mom. If I'm honest, not just an old...
before motherhood

Before Motherhood:: Five Things I Miss About Myself

I don't think I'm alone in saying that being a mom has completely changed my life. It has also drastically changed who I have become as a person. Not all of those changes are...
Stay at Home Mom

Being a Stay at Home Mom While the Kids Are in School

When someone asks me what I do, I want to say everything. Or nothing. Instead, I say I'm a Stay at Home Mom. When I tell them my kids are in school, they give me a...