Shel is married to a handsome dare devil of a man, the mother of 3 beautiful & independent girls, a retired fire lieutenant, current disaster responder & international aid team leader. She spends her spare time coaching volleyball & teaching at the local UW and technical college on a variety of topics from pre-hospital medicine to surviving the zombie apocalypse. She is a prolific reader and seldom forgets a useless piece of information...only the important stuff.

It Might Not Spark Joy, But I Have Hope:: Why I Am a Marie...

I absolutely love the idea of cleaning house with Marie Kondo and finding my joy. Even if it is the joy of an uncluttered home. However, I am a Kondo failure. After fifteen years...

Basic Rules on How to Fight with Your Significant Other

In "Three Tips on How to Fight With Your Significant Other,"  I shared basic strategies for approaching and thinking about conflict with our SO. Great, maybe tips on how to fight is enough. Maybe it...
tips on how to fight

Three Tips on How to Fight With Your Significant Other

My husband and I have known each other for over thirty years. People think we don't fight. Our marriage IS great, but despite what people think, we fight. We just fight differently. And we...
toddler lessons

Six Toddler Lessons Adults Forget

It's hard being little, but sometimes it is harder being big. Fewer people look out for you and remind you of the important things in life. Recently, I began thinking about the toddler lessons...
stormy weather friend

Stormy Weather Friend

I am a stormy weather friend. You know the one: the friend you call when you are going through a rough patch, a break up, a serious health scare, or worse. We all have fair...
teen sex

Advice on Teen Sex :: Having the Talk with Your Teenager

From one mom to another, here's some advice on teen sex. It is amazing how interested I was in teen sex as a teenager. It is also interesting how much I want to AVOID talking about...
thumb sucker

My Elementary Age Child Was a Thumb Sucker

My youngest daughter was a thumb sucker. The first two loved pacifiers, but not the youngest. She sucked her thumb in the womb. It's clear on the ultrasound picture. We knew then it would be...

Mama, I Was Assaulted

My husband and I were watching the news when the phone rang. It was after 10 p.m. It seemed late for anyone to be calling. I answered and before anyone spoke I knew it...

Eighteen Lessons for Eighteen Years

My youngest turned eighteen this year like a slap in the face. Where did the time go? For the first time in twenty-six years that there is not a child living at home. Twenty-six...

My Secret Relationship with Suicide

My secret relationship with suicide started as a child. I remember being little, like before starting school little, and praying to start life over. I would make little bargains in my head promising to be...